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Dec 31,2011 4.7% increase in IDA w.e from 1st Jan 2012: as per increase in price index during last 3 months time period, the IDA increase for the BSNL employee will be 4.7 % w. e. from 1st Jan 2012 Now the new IDA will be at the rate of 56.7% from present rate of 52% (orders are expected to come shortly)

Dec 30,2011 Special Lateral Direct Recruitment Rules-2011 of BSNL Management Services for Recruitment for Sr. Deputy General Manager (Sr. DGM) and GM/PGM/CGM (Telecom Operations) in E6 and E9 IDA Scale. View RR Copy

Dec 30,2011 C.O.Instructions:

Proposal for operation of revised E9A pay scale w.e.f 01-01-2007 in BSNL Has not been agreed.
Staff Quarters retention by repatriated Gr-A officers - reg.
CGA - Creation and Calculation of vaccancies 28-12-11.

Dec 29,2011 BSNL board has been exploring ways to bring back 700 of the best ITS officers through an emergency recruitment exercise those who are responsible for present glorious state. VIEW MEDIA REPORTS: BSNL may re-employ Indian Telecom Service officers under 58 years.

Dec 27,2011 Our letter to Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik on posting of TTAs on officiating promotion and the reply received from Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik. <Letter>  < Reply>

Dec 26,2011 Political pressure for transfers legalized ?<Letter>

Dec 24,2011 CHQ News:-

  • BSNL Board has approved the new Recruitment Rules as a one time measure to recruit around 450 SAG/HAG officers in the E9 grade and 600 JAG/NFSG officers  in the E6, E7 grade. We are carefully examining the provisions of RRs and its effect on our carrier aspects.
  • Association was called for a discussion by CMD on 22.12.2011.

    GS along with both AGSs met CMD and CMD while conveying congratulations to the Association for its stand in forcing DoT to decisively act against private operators for 3G policy violation by asking them to forthwith stop providing 3G services in licence areas where they are not having 3G spectrum, also sought the support and cooperation of the Association to see how BSNL is exempted from making huge payment for 2G spectrum in excess of 6.2 MHz that it holds in many circles. BSNL’s revenues will be adversely impacted by the directions of DoT to all service providers to make extra payment for the 2G spectrum they hold beyond 6.2 mhz.


    Association assured that it will try its level best and mobilise all resources to ensure that BSNL gets exempted from this policy decision of DoT.


    CMD then switched over to a discussion on filling up post of DGMs through seniority quota as well as through Management Trainee (MT) Recruitment. CMD expressed his keenness for the first time since his joining to take expeditious action to resolve the stalemate that prevents filling up of DGM posts through seniority and holding of competitive exam for the recritment of MT.


    From our side we reiterated if BSNL Management is serious and honest to fill up DGM post, it is not a difficult proposition. We requested CMD to prevail upon concerned officers in DoT to clear the stalemate they have created by giving unwarranted and confusing directions to BSNL. CMD assured that he will take very quick action and try to prevail upon officers in DoT including Secretary DoT to allow BSNL to fill up the posts of DGM.


    On the issue of holding of examination for recruitment of MTs, Association reiterated its stand to fill up all the posts of MTs from within the organisation through competitive exam without any restriction of age and qualification since abundant talent from within the organisation is available. CMD assured to examine this aspect also as quickly as possible.

  • Anomaly due to accrual of increment of junior earlier than the senior after fixation of pay in revised pay scale on implementation of 2nd PRC.....View letter Copy
  • Anomaly in pay fixation- Senior promoted earlier getting less pay than junior promoted later.....View letter Copy
  • Extending the benefit of notional date of promotion and fixation of pay w.e.f. 23.01.2002 and actual benefits from 01.04.2008 in terms of judgment dated 26.04.2010 of the Hon CAT, Bangalore Bench in OA. No. 181 / 2009 to similarly placed other candidates also ....View letter Copy
  • Management has approved to conduct LDCE from JTO to SDE(T). Very shortly the LDCE will be notified for the same vacancy years and for the same number of vacancies.  Most likely the LDCE will be conducted in the month of March'12
  • It is reliably learnt that the BSNL Board has approved E1+5(increments)for JTOs who have joined after 1.1.2007

Dec 23,2011  Yet another great breakthrough of Association stand on policy front.

Association's Writ petition admitted  in the bench of Chief Justice of Delhi high Court challenging 3G roaming created strong compulsion on DOT to act expeditiously in the direction of issuing show cause notices to Idea , Bharti and Vodaphone.

TRAI and DOT both made as the principle respondents in the writ petition filed by the association.

Stand of association on illegitimate sale of 3G services by private operators like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea etc without 3G spectrum and licence stands fully vindicated – DoT decided to issue notices to these operators for violation of policy.TRAI maintains that sale of 3G services without 3G spectrum will not be allowed even if 3G spectrum sharing is permitted by fresh policy.
VIEW MEDIA REPORTS:Government asks Bharti, Vodafone, Idea to stop 3G roaming pacts.

DoT to ask telecom operators to scrap 3G roaming deals

Dec 23,2011  Hon.CGMT Shri.M.D.Bhatia congratulated Hon.GMT Jalgaon Shri.A.K.Patel on successful conversion of CSEL E10B Racks to CSED locally thereby saving Rs.11 Lakh expenditure of 11 conversion kits plus 1.5 lakh programming cost approx. <Letter>  

Dec 21,,2011 News

Dec 17,,2011  MEDIA REPORTS : BSNL seeks Rs 12,000 cr for VRS.

Dec 16,,2011  

Photo- 15 Dec 2012, Nashik.


Dec 15,,2011 CONGRATULATIONS! STRIKE SUCCESSFUL ALL OVER INDIA.:Strike of JAC at Nashik BSNL is 100% successful. BSNL Offices and Telephone Exchanges remained closed today. Non optee ITS officers were not allowed to enter BSNL premises. All transactions of Nashik BSNL came to standstill. Strike has proved that now non optee ITS officers have no role to play in BSNL. Their inefficiency is no more required in BSNL. We want the management consisting of people fully devoted to our organization. We want the people who possess the daring to have everything at stake for welfare of our beloved organization. We don't want people who love flattery for no work done. We don't need the serpents sitting on our treasure waiting for nullification of its value in the market so that they could scrap the equipments. They have sold everything , but fortunately there are Executives and Non Executives in BSNL with un- wavered confidence & we would not allow further disintegration of BSNL. DS Com.M.B.Sangale has extended thanks to all SNEA Office bearers, activists & comrades for 100% participation and support. DS has also congratulated all JAC constituents for 100% success. The unity and solidarity shown by the Nashik BSNL Employees is outstanding. The dedication of the Executives & Non executives towards development of BSNL needs to be learned by non optee ITS fraternity. 

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.- So comrades don't get offended by Corporate office order-No work no pay. The order is very good in principle. We do the work when we are inside. But these outsiders don't work or work only with intention of selling BSNL assets. Therefore with principle of natural justice pay & allowances paid for 11 years need to be recovered.

Prior to our strike today in the morning Our Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad has extended thanks for the strong basic preparations we have made for one day token strike today in support of the call given by JAC. He further stated that ' we have seen very positive response from all comrades & anger is seen in the eyes of every comrade of BSNL against blind approach of BSNL management & anti BSNL policies.

Dec 15,,2011 Strike is stoppage of work in support of bargaining position or in protest of some aspect of a previous agreement or proposed agreement between Employees and the management. Employees usually go on strike for  - i] Getting improvements where they work, ii] for money, iii] for shorter working days ,iv] to stop their wages going down , v] because they think their company has been unfair.

Our strike is different. We are fighting for policy related issues, for fulfillment of the commitments and betterment of our company. No doubt some issues related to wages & facilities too form the part of demands. We are not suddenly plunging into strike. We did provide all opportunities to the management for betterment rather than settlement. On 15 Dec 2011 we have one day strike. Main intention is to prove to these dishonest non optees that we are united. We are not merely fighting for monetary gains, we have larger issues. It is not for our survival only, it is for survival of our beloved organization. Major contention is that management is not serious in handling the competitive environment or rather it is working for our competitors knowingly or unknowingly they themselves better know.  The people who are part of the management behave as if they are foreigners handling the state of their slaves. They don't belong. They do not have sense of belonging & without the sense of belonging nothing can move. We are not against them, we wish they to become the part of our organization , accept patronage ;but they don't want to be the part; they wish to run the organization externally with nothing at stake. Notable percentage among them have doubtful integrity. When there is nothing at stake, lethargy comes. Our management is passing through that lethargic state. This has to be changed if we seriously wish our organization to survive.

Therefore Comrades, be united, exhibit solidarity and contribute in the struggle for our existence. Struggle, if not the human quality of modern era, be an animal and struggle for survival instead of disappearing into a void. Our survival will be survival of telecommunication in India. Else days of Rs.36 per minute and heavy charging on incoming calls would reappear. We need to enlighten our customers. We have to earn their sympathy for our struggle. Let not destiny rule our existence. Protest! because protest indicates that you are alive.  

Dec 14,,2011  Gate meeting on strike-Sanchar Bhavan: JAC leaders conducted a gate meeting at Sanchar Bhavan. All the Employees of Sanchar Bhavan & the JAC leaders participated in the meeting. Com.M.B.Sangale, Com.S.V.Bhad, Com.V.P.Kulkarni & other leaders explained our stand and appealed all to make the strike a grand success. All the Executives and Non Executives were full of enthusiasm and assured the leaders that the strike will be 100% successful.

Dec 13,,2011 JAC NASHIK DECIDED TO GO ON STRIKE ON 15 DEC 2011:- Based on the strike notice issued by the JAC, talks were held between the Director (HR) and the Joint Action Committee on 12-12-2011. Management was not able to solve any of the issue for which notice has been given. Hence, there is no change in the decision to go on strike. Strike will take place on 15-12-2011. Therefore JAC Nashik met today -13 Dec 2011 at TRC Hall and unanimously decided to go on one day strike on 15.12.2011. The leaders present in the meeting were Com.S.V.Bhad-CP SNEA Maharashtra, Com.V.P.Kulkarni-CS AIBSNLEA, Com.M.B.Sangale-DS SNEA(I), Com.B.D.Gaikar-DS AIBSNLEA,Com.G.N.Wagh-DS BSNLEU Com.Dilip Godse-DS NFTE Com.G.G.Borase , Shri.L.M.Shinde-DP BTEU & Com.P.B.Vispute-Org Sec SNEA.

Hectic preparations are on for grand success of the proposed strike. Meeting of Executives and Non Executives at N.D.Patel road was organized during lunch hours. JAC leaders Com.Bhad, Com.Sangale, Com Gavit Com.Wagh & Com.Vispute addressed the gathering.

It has been decided to held lunch hour meetings at Sanchar Bhavan & Canada Corner on 14 Dec 2011.

Click here for -> JAC Nashik Resolution

Dec 13,,2011 Interesting MNP Status-Maharashtra BSNL is topper in losing under MNP. Kerala tops MNP gainers tally with gain of 1,88,952 GSM connection. AP BSNL is second in gaining with tally of 1,17,737. Orissa & J&K too are gainers with +4653 & +113 figures. Tamilnadu also is not a loser with +9 gain. Other Circle need to learn something from these states.  <Details>

Dec 9,,2011 CHQ-

Remarkable breakthrough because of extraordinarily sustained and singular efforts of our Association – Govt. finally decides to refund obsolete BWA spectrum charges to BSNL.

This Association took up the issue of refund of BWA spectrum charges to BSNL with Hon’ble PM and MOC&IT since the 2635-2655 Mhz TDD band that was allocated to BSNL was non-  standardized and redundant in terms of the band having serious deficiency of not being able to provide Wimax on upcoming highly competitive Long Term Evolution Platform(LTE) and lacking economy of scale since international telecom gear manufacturers are not manufacturing Wimax equipment in  the obsolete band that BSNL was allocated. Association gathered all the critical facts on the issue and met Secy/DOT in Feb.11 to apprise him about serious discrimination met out to BSNL by allocating it a non standardized BWA spectrum band after it paid market value of Rs 8313 crores. We explained in detail to Secy/DOT as to how the entire investment of Rs 8313 crores that BSNL has made towards obsolete BWA spectrum is frozen in view of obsolescence of the spectrum band and urged upon him to refund the spectrum charges. Secy/DOT while expressing that he was not aware about serious shortcomings of the band and suggested to take up the issue with MOC&IT. Thereafter, Association tried its level best to convince the concerned Director (CM) / BSNL to take decision to surrender the spectrum band and seek refund of the spectrum charges. However, Director (CM), for incomprehensible and irrational reasons, remained unconvinced and did not act in any manner to seek refund of spectrum charges. Instead, Director (CM) frustrated the efforts of then PGM (CPM) to seek the refund of spectrum band. However, Association maintained consistent pressure and mobilized opinion from political quarters by meeting number of MPs and seeking their intervention. The issue, however, took a very decisive turn when Association succeeded in convincing present CMD to decide to surrender non standard spectrum and seek refund of BWA spectrum charges. CMD took a very tough position and virtually overturned the opinion of Director (CM) and BSNL/Board finally decided to surrender the spectrum and seek its refund. CMD made very strenuous efforts by holding series of discussions with concerned officers in DOT to impress upon them to refund BWA spectrum charges and simultaneously Association too continued with its efforts at other levels.  Finally, we understand that DOT has taken decision to refund BWA spectrum that BSNL is surrendering in about 17 Circles, leaving those circles where it has already made huge capital investment for roll out of wimax services. BSNL expects refund of about Rs 7000 crores after DOT completes other formalities relating to refund.  This is truly a remarkable breakthrough and we are extremely thankful to all those who supported us by providing valuable inputs enabling us to firmly position our stand to seek refund of BWA spectrum charges amounting to about Rs 7000 crores to BSNL. 

Similarly, we are confident that we shall succeed in securing a positive verdict from Hon’ble High Court of Delhi where our writ petition challenging 3G policy by private operators, adversely affecting legitimate business interests of BSNL has been admitted. BSNL also should be given complete flexibility to decided circles of its choice for 3G services instead of forcing it to pay Rs 10000 crores on 3G pan India spectrum and then allowing private operators to encroach upon its Pan India presence by entering into so called 3G roaming arrangements strictly forbidden by policy.This flexibility of deciding circles of its choice as given to other operators at the time of 3G auction will enable BSNL to save another four to five thousand crores in terms of 3G spectrum charges. Association is all determined to fight the issue legally and politically to its logical conclusion.

Dec 8,,2011 Historic Massive Rally conducted by  JAC Nashik : JAC Nashik organized a massive rally today from GPO Compound N.D.Patel road to Sanchar Bhavan, MICO Circle Nashik in protest against the policies of BSNL management against BSNL Employees and BSNL as a whole. The demands are given in the notice served to Sr.GMT Nashik. BSNL Executives and Non Executives participated in the rally with full vigor and courage and proved their solidarity once again. It is decided to fight the battle till success is gained. The leaders who led the rally include- Com.M.B.Sangale-DS SNEA(I),Nashik, Com.S.V.Bhad- CP SNEA(I),Maharashtra, Com.V.P.Kulkarni-CS AIBSNLEA, Com.P.N.Patil- Circle Treasurer SNEA Maharashtra, Com.S.A.Bhadane- DS SNEA(I),Nashik, Com.B.D.Gaikar-DS AIBSNLEA, Com.G.N.Wagh-DS BSNLEU, Com.C.R.Kadam- VP SNEA(I),Nashik, Com.G.G.Borase-Treasurer SNEA(I),Nashik, Com.A.R.Akhade-CEC Member SNEA(I),Nashik,Br.Sec SNEA(I)-Com.S.M.Kotkar & Org Sec SNEA(I),Nashik- Com.P.B.Vispute. Apart from the names mentioned here all the office bearers of all participant Unions and Associations were present in the rally along with Comrades of their Unions/Association.

The rally was addressed by Com.M.B.Sangale, Com.G.N.Wagh, Com.V.P.Kulkarni & Com.S.V.Bhad.

DS Com.M.B.Sangale has appealed all to propagate the cause of rally and proposed strike on 15 Dec 2011 among all members as well as our customers and media.

Dec 8,,2011  Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik intimated our DS Com.M.B.Sangale that BSNL Nashik has succeeded in fetching a prestigious award from National Energy Conservation Awards -2011. Our Canada Corner building has been awarded second prize. Our DS has congratulated Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik for efforts in getting this prestigious award.<letter>
Dec 7,,2011 JAC Nashik served notice of rally & strike to Hon.Sr.GMT,Nashik.<Notice> 

Dec 7,,2011  Shri Ashok Kumar Garg, Director (HR) BSNL has been appointed as CMD,MTNL. Shri A.N. Rai, Director (EB) will hold additional charge of the post of Director (HR), BSNL.

Dec 6,,2011 Secretary NFTE has intimated that they are not participating in rally but they will be participating in strike dated 15 Dec 2011.

Dec 6,,2011 JAC meeting was held on December 5,2011 at Sanchar Bhavan, Nashik. The leaders participated in the meeting were Circle Prez SNEA Com.S.V.Bhad, CS AIBSNLEA Com.V.P.Kulkarni, DS SNEA(I),Nashik Com.M.B.Sangale, DS AIBSNLEA Com.B.D.Gaikar, DS BSNLEU Com.G.N.Wagh, Prez.FNTO Com.Shailesh Dhande, DS NFTE Com.Dilip Godse, ADS SNEA Com.P.D.Rade, Org Sec Com.P.B.Vispute, CEC Member Com.A.R.Akhade , other office bearers & active members. It is unanimously decided to organize Massive Rally on December 8, 2011 during lunch hours, from GPO Compound, N.D.Patel Road to Sanchar Bhavan , MICO Circle, Nashik; hence there is no need to apply for casual leave. Office bearers and members are requested to propagate the information among other members of JAC constituent members and work hard for success of the rally & our purpose behind it. [Start point 12:30 Hrs GPO Compound, End point -Sanchar Bhavan ,14:00Hrs]We also have to participate in strike dated 15 Dec 2011 and this rally may serve as prelude to the higher objective.

Dec 2,,2011 BSNL Corporate office Orders :

Dec 1,,2011


As per CHQ directives draft on repatriation/Absorption of ITS Officers is submitted to Hon.District Collector Nashik by the leaders of United Forum. The leaders present were Com.S.V.Bhad- Circle Prez SNEA(I), Com.V.P.Kulkarni-CS AIBSNLEA, Com.M.B.Sangale-DS SNEA(I) Nashik, Com.A.R.Akhade-CEC Member SNEA(I) Nashik & Com.P.B.Vispute-Org.Secretary. The matter was also discussed with RDC Dr.Nitin Mahajan. He patiently listened to our demands and assured to convey our concerns to the concerned.


Dec 1,,2011  Delegation of United Forum met Hon.MP Shri.Harishchandraji Chavan and submitted a memorandum making our stand clear on repatriation/Absorption of ITS Officers. Following leaders were the part of delegation.

1. Com. S.V.Bhad President SNEA(I) MH Circle

2.Com. S.A. Bhadane President SNEA(I) Nashik

3.Com. M.B. Sangale Dist. Secretary SNEA(I) Nashik

4.Com. V.P. Kulkarni C.S. AIBSNLEA MH Circle

5.Com. B.D. Gaikar  DS AIBSNLEA Nashik

6.Com. D.R. Aher an strong activist SNEA(I) Nashik   Click for -> < Memorundum>



Nov30,2011 Transfer in the cadre of Divisional Engineers. <detfr291111  >

Nov30,2011 Willingness for Satana,Deola,Malegaon & Yeola. Letter dated 29.11.2011<Letter>

Nov29,2011 Draft signed by DS' of Aurangabad.< Aurangabad BSNL>


NEWS from Media   Click here to read>>>    Click here to read >>>      Click here to read>>>>   

Nov28,2011 Two SDEs posted to Nashik under request transfer. Com.P.N.Patil posted to Nashik Mobile & Com. A.D.Karanke posted to Nashik T.D. Click <here for  order>

Nov28,2011Orders for repatriation of 41 more ITS officers issued by Corporate Office. UPW-1, MH-2+2+5, AP-4, JHK-2, CHTD-1,KRL-2,TN-5, Guj-10 and MP -7.Orders-><UP (W), MH and AP Circles ,< JHK, CHTD, KRL, TN, Guj, MH, MP>

Nov28,2011The Hon'ble Delhi High Court's double bench dismissed the petition filed by ITSA challenging their repatriation. from BSNL on the grounds that their terms & conditions are discrminatory.The bench imposed a Cost of Rs 30,000 on ITSA.The Hon'ble judges in the above case were Miss Geeta Mittal &  Shri J.R.Midha. The petion dismissed today was between Akhilesh Trivedi vs Union of India bearing no. 17686/2011. The petition nos. 12817/2006, 13732/2006,14503/2006 and WPC 22789/2005 will be heard on 11th Jan'12.The lawyers in the case were Miss Shikha Roy, Shri Arun Kumar Srivasatav, Shri Shiv Kumar, Shri V.K.Roy, Shri Ravi Chhittri.  Sr Advocate Shri G.D.Gupta appeared on the behalf of petioners.

Nov28,2011Hon.Regional Labor Commissioner passed an order in favor of Nashik BSNL and disallowed the five cases filed by Labor Enforcement Officer. Penalty of Rs.13,78,080/- is also disallowed. <Letter>

Nov26,2011Message from Hon.CMD......View Message.

Nov26,2011Work load distrubution of DGM[IT & EB] section.<Letter>


  • Repatriation of ITS officers:   MH Circle has endorsed and issued BSNL corporate. Office Repatriation order for Two ITS officers of Aurangabad w.e.from A/N of 24-11-2011. <order 1><order2>

  • Transfer & Posting in the cadre of Account officer:  MH circle has issued posting order of 6 Account officers who has joined MH from other circles.<order>

Nov25,2011Willingness are called for posting on deputation to Malegaon, Satana & Deola. <Letter>

Nov24,2011Thanks to Hon.Sr.GMT on issue of Minutes of the informal meeting held on November 2, 2011. We hope that all concerned comply to the decisions taken and act accordingly without further delay. <Minutes>

Nov24,2011Revised posting order of TTA to JTO Officiating<Order>

Nov23,2011Posting order of Com.S.N.Medhane issued ; he is posted as SDE Leased CCT [II].<Order>

Dharana 22 Nov 2011-United Forum of Executives' Association organized a day long dharana at Sr.GMT,Nashik Office to protest an unethical move of BSNL Management to freeze ITS Absorption process. The leaders who led the United front Nashik Comrades include Com.M.B.Sangale-DS SNEA(I),Nashik, Com.S.A.Bhadane-Prez SNEA(I),Nashik, Com.B.D.Gaikar-DS AIBSNLEA & Com.C.R.Kadam-Vice Prez SNEA(I),Nashik. Com.G.G.Borase thanked all the executives for their solidarity. Com.M.B.Sangale, Com.S.A.Bhadane & Com.P.M.Joshi delivered informative & inspirational speeches & apprised the gathering of recent developments in the matter. All the Executives' expressed the opinion that non-optee ITS officers must be immediately repatriated as they have no business other than to hover here for personal gains. Utter selfishness of this commodity has brought BSNL to present horrible condition. It is unfortunate that people who are not an integral part of BSNL are allowed to be the policy makers leading it to the doom.  They are no more than the intruders in the business of BSNL as they have not opted for BSNL. BSNL has enough talent to run its  own business & there is no need of the people who cannot decide what to do in more than the eleven years.



Nov19,2011Meeting of United Forum ,Nashik  was held on 19 November 2011,17:30Hrs at TRC Hall, Sanchar Bhavan, Nashik. Leaders of SNEA(I),Nashik  & that of AIBSNLEA were present. It is decided to take mass casual leave on 22 Nov 2011 to sit in pendol at Sr.GMT Nashik office at Sanchar Bhavan,MICO Circle. DS SNEA(I) Com.M.B.Sangale, CP SNEA(I)Com.S.V.Bhad, CS AIBSNLEA Com.V.P.Kulkarni & DS AIBSNLEACom.B.D.Gaikar gave valuable suggestions to make dharana successful. Following points were discussed-

1. Funds for UF. [Treasurer UF-Com.M.H.Kalkar]

2.Flex for UF -by Com.G.G.Borase

3.Notice of agitation to police- by Com.S.V.Bhad/Com.V.P.Kulkarni.

4.Mass Casual leave on 22 Nov 2011.

5.To meet political leaders to take the issue of ITS Absorption in parliament.

6.Arrangement of pendol.- Com.B.D.Gaikar/Com.M.B.Sangale.

Nov18,2011CHQ Updates:-

  • BSNL staff plan one-day strike against telecom policy, VRS >>>>>>>>

  • JAC writes to Sh. R.K. Upadhyay, CMD, BSNL on repatriation of non-opted ITS officers from BSNL. >>>>>>

  • Meeting with Shri Milind Deora, Hon'ble MOSC&IT:-GS. President AIBSNLEA, GS, AGSs of SNEA(I), GS/TEAM & GS/MEA of MTNL met Hon'ble MOS for C&IT Sh. Milind Deora & expressed  their sincere gratitude & thanks for granting us meeting.  We discussed with MOSC&IT the status of absorption process of   Group -'A' officers in BSNL/MTNL and apprised MOSC&IT about sinister efforts and game plan of BSNL/ MTNL Managements to derail the process. Hon'ble MOSC&IT appreciated our concern and sought our opinion about how the issue can be resolved. We explained the repatriation order of DoT issued on 03.11.2011 is not being implemented in true sense by BSNL/MTNL managements on the pretext that without the presence of ITS Officers it is difficult to run both the PSUs which is totally unfounded and misleading. We informed MOSC&IT that more than 54,000 absorbed Group-'A' and Group-'B' level executives are available in BSNL/MTNL to maintain flawless Telecom services & are committed to the growth of both these Companies. ITS dominated BSNL/MTNL managements have more trust on the deputationists instead of its own absorbed Group-'A' level executives due to their cadre affinity, we informed MOSC&IT. Even the charge on repatriation of some ITS officers have been given to the deputationist ITS officers instead of absorbed Gr A officers only who are ultimately going to be repatriated. This is deliberate conspiracy of both the managements to sabotage the process of repatriation, we further informed MOSC&IT. Hon'ble MOSC&IT gave a very patient hearing fully understanding the implications of continuing duality on viability of BSNL/MTNL and mentioned that he is fully aware of the issue and assured he will try for early solution of the problem. MOSC&IT was fully convinced that BSNL/MTNL should have their own managements.

  • United Forum of BSNL Executive Associations Central Headquarters, New Delhi writes to Sh. R.K. Upadhyay, CMD BSNL, New Delhi regarding filling up immediately posts of DGMs/DEs strictly in conformity with the provisions of existing BSNL MS RRs - Chronic policy paralysis affecting growth of BSNL- Deliberate conspiracy >>>>>>>>>>>

  • JAC Meeting held on 16th November 2011: -The crucial JAC meeting held on 16th November 2011 took very important decisions with regard to viability of BSNL. The meeting was presided over by our GS. Convener, JAC reported the developments after the last meeting held on 31st October 2011. All the JAC constituents of the strong opinion that the non-opted ITS officers should be repatriated immediately and the charges should be made over to the absorbed Executives. After detailed discussion, JAC took the following decisions unanimously:

  • The deferred One Day Strike will be organised on 15th December 2011. Immediate repatriation of non opted ITS officers is added as a fresh demand.

  • In preparation for the strike and to give wide propaganda, massive rallies will be organised on 8th December 2011 at all District/State capitals and at Delhi. A memorandum on the demands raised in the strike notice will be submitted to the State Governors.

  • The JAC meeting decided to support and participate in the Dharna on 22nd November 2011 being organised by the Executive Associations of BSNL/MTNL demanding immediate repatriation of non-opted ITS officers.

  • The JAC decided to participate in the Parliament March being organised on 25th November 2011 by the Central/State Government, Teachers, Railway, Defence, Postal employees as also Central / BSNL Pensioners against the anti-worker Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) Bill presented in the Parliament.

Nov17,2011Malegaon visit:-District Secretory, Com.M.B.Sangale,Circle President,Com.S.V.Bhad,District President Com.S.A.Bhadane and Treasurer,Com.G.G.Borse visited Malegaon on 16/11/2011 and conducted meeting for rural area. The representatives participated in the meeting were Com.Taral from Deola,Com.G.V.Pawar from Pimpalgaon,Com.Borse from Dindori and Com.P.V.Patil from Chandwad. The meeting commenced at 14:00 hrs and concluded at 17:30 hrs. All the issues and problems related to development were discussed thoroughly. The delegation then met DE Malegaon,Shri. Sonar and discussed the issues pertaining to Malegaon. The details will be uploaded soon.

Nov 16,2011Shri. M.H. Kalkar posted as  SDE (OCB -TAX), Shri R.K. Jadhav, SDE (OCB -TAX ) CC is transferred and posted as SDE , Power   Plant  & Battery Mtce, Canada Corner,  Nashik. Shri A.P. Gawande, SDE (MDF, PP & Battery Mtce) CC Nashik is re- desingated as SDE (MDF &  Bldg),  Canada Corner,  Nashik. .<order> Com.Medhane is deputed as  SDE Adgaon for time being and his posting will be finalized soon.

Nov 16,2011Com.A.D.Joshi's mother, age 77 expired yesterday. Last rites are being performed at Deogaon, Tal Niphad, today at about 10:30Hrs. SNEA(I),Nashik shares the grief of Joshi family and prays God to offer peace to the departed soul.

Nov 15,2011Meeting with Hon'ble MOC&IT -GS & AGS SNEA(I), GS & President AIBSNLEA, , GS TEAM (MTNL) & GS(MEA) MTNL met Hon'ble MOC&IT Sh. Kapil Sibal & expressed  their sincere gratitude & thanks to him for vigorously re-initiating the process of absorption of ITS officers in BSNL/MTNL. Addl. Secy(T), DoT was also present in the meeting. We expressed our serious concern and anxiety against phased repatriation of deputationist officers from BSNL/MTNL, wherein the charge of deputationist officers is being further given to the deputationist officer only, who don't have any interest and commitment to work in BSNL/MTNL. We apprised Hon'ble MOC&IT that more than 54,000 absorbed Group-'A' and Group-'B' level executives are available in BSNL/MTNL to maintain flawless Telecom services & are committed to the growth of both these Companies.  Hon'ble MOC&IT while appreciating and fully endorsing our concern mentioned that he is fully aware of the issue and its impact on viability of BSNL/MTNL. MOC&IT assured that Govt. decision will be implemented in its true spirit, and in no case the decision will be diluted. We further apprised MOC&IT that BSNL/MTNL ITS dominated Management is more committed to protect the interests of ITS Cadre rather than safe guarding the interests of growth and viability of  BSNL/MTNL. Finally, we solicited MOC&IT's immediate kind intervention to complete the absorption process as quickly as possible and he responded in an affirmative and positive manner.

Nov 15,2011Lunch hour demonstration by United Forum -United forum of Executives' Associations at Nashik held Lunch hour demonstrations  Sanchar Bhavan, Nashik mainly on the issue of ITS Absorption. UF leaders - CP SNEA(I) Com.S.V.Bhad, Prez. SNEA (I),Nashik Com.S.A.Bhadane, DS SNEA(I),Nashik Com.M.B.Sangale and DS AIBSNLEA Com.B.D.Gaikar led the demonstrations. Com.M.B.Sangale, Com.S.V.Bhad and Com.P.M.Joshi addressed the gathering. Slogans were led by Com.S.V.Deore, Com. Wani & Com.A.R.Akhade.

Nov 15,2011Rumours of legally staying the process baseless:

Rumours of process of repatriation having been stayed legally are completely baseless. A legal notice from a lawyer has no legal sanctity and does not mean staying the process. BSNL management receives innumerable notices from lawyer’s everyday on different issues which are thrown to the dustbin and not even taken elementary cognizance of, let alone acting on them.

It is of course a different matter and not at all surprising if this notice from privileged class in the Company receives highly privileged treatment by treating it as a court direction to stall the process. It is this highly biased and extremely narrow attitude of BSNL management that raises bona fide, serious and genuine doubts on their integrity that needs to be fully exposed.

Nov 14,2011United Forum for BSNL Executives at Nashik had a meeting today as per schedule. CP SNEA Com.S.V.Bhad, CS AIBSNLEA Com.V.P.Kulkarni, DS SNEA(I) Com.M.B.Sangale, DS AIBSNLEA Com.B.D.Gaikar- other eminent office bearers of both associations were present. It is unanimously decided to hold lunch hour demonstrations on 15 Nov 2011 & dharana on 22 Nov 2011. Prior to dharana there will be meeting of UF once again. All the executives' in urban area are requested to attend lunch hour demonstrations tomorrow. Executives' in rural area too are earnestly requested to represent in large numbers as far as possible.

Nov 14,2011DS Com.M.B.Sangale along with Circle Prez Com.S.V.Bhad met Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik and discussed following points-

  • Recommendations of workload distribution committee- recommendations approved.

  • Postings of Com.M.H.Kalkar & Com.S.N.Medhane- posting order will be issued in two days.

  • TTA to JTO officiating issue- Hon.Sr.GMT once again reiterated his appeal to settle the matter amicably in presence of CS AIBSNLEA. CS AIBSNLEA assured to pursue the matter personally with Circle administration.

  • We suggested looking after arrangement in case of leave period of Executives- Charge be given to senior most executive of the Division/subdivision itself.- Hon.Sr.GMT agreed to the suggestion.

  • Workload distribution among DGMs was also discussed.

Nov 14,2011Repatriation Frozen!

BSNL Management is firm to sabotage the process of repatriation by freezing the process of repatriation. Comrades, get ready for do or die fight. We have to fight till each & every deputations is repatriated.

Make Demonstration/Dharna at Corporate/ Circle/ SSA Hqs on 15th Nov.,11 and 22nd Nov., 11 respectively spectacular success and get ready for future struggle.

Nov 14,2011- CBI submitted chargesheet against Aurangabad telecom GM N Rajshekhar, deputy GM Pramod Sapkale, business development officer Madhukar Jadhav and Kunjubehari Agrawal,  BSNL& recharge card distributor for causing a loss of Rs 58 lakh to the BSNL.

Nov 12,2011Alert !!!  United Forum of BSNL   Executive Associations Central Headquarters, New Delhi writes to  CMD, BSNL regarding protest  actions against repatriation of ITS Officers in phased manner . Our demand is repatriation of ITS officer, who have not opted   BSNL, in enmass  <<<<Notice>>>>>

A) Lunch /closing hours Demonstrations at Corporate/Circle/SSA Hqs on 15th Nov.,11

B)   Full day Dharna on 22nd Nov., 11 at  Corporate/Circle/SSA Hqs.

C)   Massive rallies at all National/State Capital Hqs, dates for which would be communicated in due course of time.

Nov 10,2011Dadasaheb Kulkarni, Com.Mahesh Kulkarni's father passed away. We the SNEA[I] Nashik,share the grief of bereaved family and pray almighty to offer peace to the departed soul. Last rites were performed at Amardham Nashik today.

Nov 10,2011Protest against move to sabotage the absorption process:- United Forum of BSNL/MTNL Executive Associations decided to Protest against move to sabotage the absorption process in the name of phased manner repatriation strategy.

Country wide protest planned to protest against the sinister move by the BSNL/MTNL management to derail the absorption process - United Forum of BSNL/MTNL executives Associations decided to hold country wide demonstrations on 15th Nov 2011  and massive country wide dharna on 22nd Nov 2011 at SSA/ Circle Headquarters followed by massive rallies at Capital headquarters. Circle/SSA/Branch Secretaries /Activists of the Association are requested to make elaborate preparations for these organizational actions. >>>>>>>>>>>

Nov 9,2011Circle wise Order of repatriation to DoT of Group "A"officers <Bih> <Pb> <KRL> <KTK> <UTK> <JHK> <UPW> <RAJ> <HR> <OR> <J and K> <HP> <CHTD> <UPEast> <MH> <Guj> <TN>  <NTR> <BRBRAITTC> <CHG> <WTR> <WB> <ALTTC> < CTD> <MP> <AP>  <STR>

BSNL CO has issued  relieving order for  following Nos. of Group "A" ITS officers to report Sr. DDG(TEC) :  1. Punjab-14, 2. Bihar-08, 3. BSNL CO -38,  4. Raj-21, 5. Kerala-08, 6.J&K-02, 7.UP(West)-19, 8.HR-12, 9. Uttrakhand-9, 10. KTK-12. 11.JHK-03, 12.OR-04, 13.HP-03, 14.UP(East)-16, 15.CHTD-7, 16.MH-17, 17.Guj-13, 18.TN-10.

Nov 9,2011Sample relieve order for repatriation to DOT for Gr.A  Officers who've not opted for absorption in BSNL <Letter>

Nov 9,2011Status on ITS Absorption:

GS and GS/AIBSNLEA along with its President met concerned officers in DOT dealing with the issue of absorption and requested them to be tough on the issue and not be carried away by false opinion of BSNL management that BSNL will collapse in the event of repatriation of ITS. Further, we apprised them that no CPSU has a borrowed management structure and continuance of such a mechanism in BSNL for eleven years has pulled down BSNL to present position. Cries of Crisis, crisis, crisis by BSNL management are nothing but a deliberate strategy of BSNL management to protect ITS and allow them to continue in BSNL illegitimately. Very tough and unwavering response is needed from DOT to conclude this issue which is extremely vital for viability of BSNL.

Officers dealing with absorption indicated that government is very firm and means business in real terms. Government is not going to yield to the pressure tactics of BSNL management and will ensure that in a phased manner each and everyone not opting for BSNL will be surely repatriated.

We understand that absorption process is being implemented in a phased manner and CMD has given commitments to DOT about definite time frame in which the process will be concluded.

In the meantime, to register our strongest protest against BSNL management for its insistence on completing absorption in a phased manner, we are planning to hold a massive rally at Delhi along with our MTNL Comrades on the day orders to complete absorption in a phased manner are issued. We are determined to fight it out this time till such time each and every ITS officer not opting for BSNL is repatriated to DOT.

 We appeal to our Comrades throughout the Country to be fully ready to fight this war like situation. We commit to our comrades that we will not sit back till our goal of repatriation of ITS who have been continuing illegitimately in BSNL for six years is accomplished. Be ready for a do or die fight to save our beloved company.

Nov 8,2011DS Com.M.B.Sangale discussed following issues with Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik.

  1. E2-E3 case of Com.P.M.Joshi- TBPcase is settled.

  2. FSTC case of Com.Hingmire- FSTC will be sanctioned provisionally.

  3. TTA to JTO Offtg promotion- Hon.Sr.GMT has informed that he has pursued the matter & Circle office has clarified that matter is to be settled at SSA level. Accordingly Hon.Sr.GMT has asked DS AIBSNLEA & DS SNEA(I),Nashik to sort out the matter amicably.

Nov 8,2011

Nov 8,2011DS Com.M.B.Sangale has sent telegram to Hon.MOC & IT Kapil Sibal with copy to Milind Deora- MOS for C& IT and R.Chandrashekhar, Sec/DOT as per CHQ directions.

Nov 8,2011CHQ News:Attention Circle/SSA/Branch Secretaries  -

Telegrams from CSs/SSA Secy’s/Branch Secy’s addressed to Kapil Sibal, MOC&IT, 1st floor Sanchar Bhawan, 20 Ashoka Road, New Delhi 110001 with Copies to Milind Deora, MOS for C&IT and R.Chandrashekar, Secy/DOT on the same address to be sent immediately.     

TEXT of the Telegram

Joint   Forum  of   BSNL Absorbed  Executive Associations

ITS dominated BSNL management defeating ITS absorption on lines similar to 2005 - No strategy   plan of action so far - Deliberate delay larger sinister strategy to plunge the Company in crisis to justify and force continuing illegitimate deputation at the eleventh hour.  

More than 300 direct recruit Gr A, 3000 promoted Gr A and 50,000 Gr B absorbed executives highly qualified, talented and competent to maintain flawless services and growth related functions.  

Joint forum of absorbed executives seeks immediate intervention to implement Government’s decision on absorption which is being defeated by persistent collaborative diabolical strategy of BSNL management and ITS for 11 years.

...................................................Circle /SSA/Branch Secretary

SNEA (India),.......................(Name of the Circle/SSA/Branch )

Nov 5,2011CHQ News:

Case filed by some ITS officers at Hon CAT, Hyderabad: Hon CAT declined to grant stay after detailed hearing for 3 days, ie 31.10.11,01.11.11 and 03.11.11. The case will be heard after 4 weeks.

Repatriation of Group"A" officers of various services working on deemed depution in BSNL/MTNL back to their parent Department of Telecommunication[Dot]-Regarding  .<<<letter>>>

Joint Forum of BSNL absorbed Executive Associations, CHQ New Delhi writes to CMD, BSNL regarding suggestions for contingency plan upon repatriation of Group -'A'  non-opteee from BSNL<<<Letter>>>

Nov 2,2011Informal meet- As per schedule we had Informal meet with Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik. The meeting took place in cordial atmosphere &  there was a fruitful discussion on all points of the agenda. Hon.Sr.GMT Shri.M.K.Jainji was accompanied by DGM[HR & Admin] Smt.Madhuri Nimje, DGM Finance Shri.D.N.Gharade, AGM[Admin] Shri.D.A.Joglekar & SDE Staff Shri.R.R.Borhade. From Association side delegation was led by Circle Prez Com.S.V.Bhad, DS Com.M.B.Sangale & Prez Com.S.A.Bhadane. Office bearers present were - VP Com.C.R.Kadam, ADS'-Com.P.D.Rade, Com.S.R.Kapadnis & Com.P.M.Joshi, Org Sec Com.P.B.Vispute, CEC Member Com.A.R.Akhade, Treasurer Com.G.G.Borase,Smt.N.N.Rajbhoj, Com.S.S.Choudhary,Com.J.D.Charvekar  & Com.R.G.Sarode. <details>.

Nov 2,2011SNEA(I),Nashik deeply mourns the untimely death of Com.R.G.Kapale's son. We pray almighty to offer peace to the departed soul. We also beg almighty to equip the bereaved family with courage to face the grief.

Nov 1,2011Hon.Sr.GMT has conveyed 11:00hrs as time for informal meet. DS has requested all office bearers to make themselves available in time.

Nov 1,2011Strike deferred once again: JAC has decided to defer strike to the middle of December 2011 for wider unity.

Oct31,2011  Executive body meeting was held on 31.10.2011 at 17:30 hours at TRC Hall,Sanchar Bhavan. The agenda points and status was discussed in the meeting as a preparation for informal meet on Nov 2,2011. Circle Treasurer Com.P.N.Patil was also present in the meeting along with Circle Prez Com.S.V.Bhad, DS Com.M.B.Sangale and other office bearers.

Oct31,2011 Superannuation:-Retirement of 1 DGM, 5 DEs, 5 SDEs & 3 JTOs of MH on  31st OCT 2011: 1 DGM (Com.V.S.Ashtikar, who is not only our member but also the President of SNEA Mumbai Circle office branch), 5 DEs, 5 SDEs & 3 JTOs  of MH are going to retire from service on today afternoon i.e on 31st OCT 2011, after attaining superannuation. SNEA(I) MH Circle wishes a happy, healthy & peaceful retired life to all the 14 comrades. Click  for lists<DGM>< DE><SDE><JTO>

Oct31,2011 SNEAMAH-DPC from SDE to Adhoc DE:   Preparatory work for conduction of DPC from SDE to DE has been started by BSNL corporate office in that connection original ACR/APAR and screening committee report has been called for all eligible candidates from all SSAs and the same is to be send to MH circle office latest by 12-11-2011. Click here to view copy of letter and list>>>>>

Oct28,2011 CGM's are empowered to allot Vacant staff quarters to the BSNL employees though posted at outstations for the residential use of their family member(s) who have to stay at that place for any reason. Immediate family members include- wife/husband, children - their spouses & parents. <Policy>

Oct27,2011 [News from SNEA Karnataka]-LDCE Court CaseHistoric achievement to restore the injustice caused to the 2004 LDCE passed executives. After sustained struggle of 4 years today BSNL Corporate office issued orders to impliment the Hon CAT Bangalore order on OA (181/2009 ) filed by Com S B Nagavi and 123 others.. However this is subject to the outcome of the REVIEW PETITION filed before Hon High Court of Karnataka. Candidates may contact Com S B Nagavi CS SNEA KTK ( 9448010565 ) for further details in the matter. For order copy click here.

 Oct25,2011 DS Com.M.B.Sangale has convened Executive Body meeting on 1-11-2011, 17:30Hrs at TRC Hall, Sanchar Bhavan, Nashik for preparatory discussion on agenda points and status as on date in view of informal meeting on 2-11-2011 with Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik. All the Office bearers are requested to attend the meeting with update on agenda points.

Oct25,2011   Hon.Sr.GMT has conveyed 2 Nov. 2011 as date for informal meeting to discuss the agenda submitted.<letter>

Oct22,2011   Addition of 1.Wockard Hospital- Wani house, Lele Hospital- Kulkarni colony & Tulsi Eye Hospital-General , Happy Home Colony, General Vaidya Nagar. <hospital>

Oct19,2011 Contingency plan in case of repatriation of Group 'A' ITS officers to DoT. >>>>>>>

Oct19,2011 One day strike by JAC on 15.11.2011-The JAC meeting held on 17.10.2011,unanimously decided to conduct the one day strike on 15.11.2011, opposing VRS, demanding PLI, restoration of medical allowance, LTC and on other demands. NFTE BSNL informed that they will be with the JAC for the strike on 15-11-2011.

Oct17,2011 Transfer and postings in the cadre of SDE [ rearrangement of section in Sr.GMT Nashik office]. <Order>

Oct17,2011  Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad and Dist. Secretary Com.M.B.Sangale attended the General Body meeting of SNEA ITPC Pune. Taking the opportunity Com.S.V.Bhad discussed issue of notional pay fixation and pay anomaly with Hon.GS Com.G.L.Jogi. Hon.GS told that on the issue of notional fixation BSNL has submitted a review petition at Hon. H.C.Karnataka and the hearing is scheduled on 25th Oct 2011. Generalization possibility of the case will be explored on outcome of the case. Moreover Corporate Office has formed a committee for pay anomaly cases and we are constantly in touch with the committee.

Oct14,2011 Apply for book awards, scholarship & scholarship renewal before 31 October 2011. < Letter & format>

Oct14,2011 CHQ News-

  • Contingency plan of BSNL in case of repatriation of ITS officers to DOT - Plan submitted by BSNL rejected by DOT >>>>>>>>
  • Promotion from SDE to Adhoc DE: BSNLCO called for ACR (2006-07 to 2010-11) and other details for the preparatory work. The ACRs and assessment sheet has to reach BSNLCO latest by 30th Nov, 2011. Cov letter Lists-<OC>   <SC>  <ST>
  • Executive promotion policy: Advance processing of TBP twice in a year – The cases maturing during July-December should be processed in April and the cases maturing during January – June should be processed in October of the previous year <<order>>

Oct12,2011 CDMA MOBILE SERVICES ARE FINALLY LAUNCHED- All SSAs are requested to make  all possible efforts for utilization of capacity available. <Letter>

Oct12,2011 DGM Mobile Shri.R.K.Shrivastav, JTO Mobile Com.Ashok Brahmane, TTA Vani-Dhananjay Rengade and Sr.TOA Cidco Purwal won the the divisional matches and are selected for Circle Tournament at Solapur.  SNEA(I) Nashik congratulates all of them and wishes best luck at Solapur.

Oct12,2011 Condolence Message- Yamunabai B.Vadnere ,mother of Com.Devendra Vadnere,JTO Mobile expired on 11-10-2011. Funeral  rites are being performed at Dhule today. SNEA(I)Nashik shares the grief of the bereaved family & prays almighty to offer peace to the departed soul.

Oct12,2011 GS addresses Hon MOC &IT on ITS absorption - Building BSNLs management structure pivotal to its revival – No other policy initiative howsoever potential will work unless borrowed top management hierarchy is replaced by one belonging to BSNL. Key recommendation of Pitroda panel regarding induction of 30-50 management experts alone holds incredibly huge potential of once again positioning BSNL as dominant telecom player in all aspects.

Policy makers at the helm should be easily able to see through the deadly consequences of continuing with a borrowed management structure in BSNL. Even more deadly would be diabolical mechanism of having management structure through backdoor deputation: this sinister arrangement would mean heralding death bells for BSNL. Pragmatic and realistic approach that would give a new lease of life to BSNL would be to introduce a management structure belonging to the Company and this structure could be a blend of talent from the market and within ITS. After all, abundant talent is available in ITS and this talent should be given first priority while finalizing management structure of the Company. In fact, ITS repatriated should have first right of refusal while finalizing management ladder of the Company.

Concerned arms of the Government must not through their usual sheer bureaucratic inertia and sluggishness - the way concerned agencies of the government have been in deep slumber so far on this issue of far reaching consequences as far as viability and growth of BSNL goes - create a fait accompli for itself where DOT runs helter skelter at the last moment and is forced to take ITS on deputation. That would be the end of BSNL and the narrow game plan of ITS on which it has been working assiduously for over a decade to get insulated from insecurities and risks of working in a challenging and competitive commercial enterprise and yet preside over its affairs with no stakes whatsoever will be through. Top management has to have complete stake in the Company and be an integral and inalienable component of the organization. Then only do commercial organizations operating in an ultra competitive environment move forward. It is a hard reality to be acknowledged by everyone, including ITS dominated BSNL management. >>>>>>>>>>>

 Oct11,2011 JTO to SDE promotions- Prayer of a petitioner begging bypass to regular DPC as well as an exception to fight the talent available in BSNL through LDCE on the basis of entry level qualification is rejected by Hon.Chandigarh CAT - stating 'petition devoid of merit' & the petitioner has failed to make his point -'without challenging the rules the applicant is praying for benefit which is not available to him under the rules '.<BSNL letter & Hon.CAT Judgement>

Oct09,2011 Posting order of Shri.S.P.Ingale <Order>

Oct09,2011 TTA to JTO Officiating order kept in abeyance <Order>,

Oct06,2011 On invitation DS Com.M.B.Sangale along  with our Vice Prez Com.C.R.Kadam & ADS Com.P.M.Joshi met Hon.Sr.GMT on 5 Oct for discussion on the issue of posting of TTA to JTO Officiating. CS & DS AIBSNLEA were present in the meeting. CS AIBSNLEA pointed out that senior TTAs are transferred to rural area on officiating promotion instead of juniors. Hon.Sr.GMT sought our opinion on the issue.  We suggested Hon.Sr.GMT to adhere to the policy mutually accepted earlier by both DS.

Oct 05,2011 DS Com.M.B.Sangale met SDE Staff and discussed Time bound Promotion cases. TBP  cases for 2011 of  all eligible Executives' were discussed. Individual cases of Com.P.M.Joshi, Com.S.N.Thakur, Com.V.U.Thakur and Com.P.D.Pawar were also discussed in detail. DPC is being held for all TBP cases.

HRMS data entry of JTO to SDE promotes is completed.

Oct 04,2011  JAC update- JAC was apprised in detail by BSNL management about the positive progress being made with regard to certain vital policy decisions in DOT and BSNL. However, JAC unanimously and strongly opposed the decision of BSNL board to go ahead with introduction of VRS since JAC felt that such counter productive measure will not help BSNL to come out of the present crisis. JAC is scheduled to meet on 4th Oct,11 to further take stock of the situation.

Oct 04,2011  BSNL employees prepaid CUG Plan Rs.110/- : Sr.GM (EB) MH Circle, Pune issued important instructions for BSNL employees prepaid CUG Plan Rs 110/- with GPRS, under this scheme maximum 6 connection ( 1 for employee and 5 for his family) can be given.Click here to view copy of letter>>>>> 

Introduction of half yearly/Yearly recharge coupons for other CUG plans: MH Circle has also introduced  half yearly/Yearly recharge coupons for CUG plans like: BSN,BSSKL,TATA YAZAKI,WIKA Kamgar sangathna, Pune and MKS CUG Plan. Click for copy of order>>>>       Click here to view recharge values>>>>>

Oct 03,2011 BSNL board has invited JAC for talks on proposed strike on 10-10-2011 <letter>

Oct 01,2011 Increase in IDA rate by 4.8%- [Total- 52%]has become due from 1.10.2011.


 Sept 30,2011 “ SSA Level Recognition Awards for the year 2010-11 ” will be distributed to duly selected Executives and Non Executives of Nashik SSA on 01-10-2011 at 16.00 Hrs. in TRC Hall, Sanchar Parisar, Canada Corner Sharanpur Road Nashik. <letter>

 Sept 30,2011 District Secretary, Com.M.B.Sangale's continual follow up has yielded settlement of one more long pending issue. The corrigendum for Date of promotion from the date of issue of Corporate office order is issued by AGM[Admin]. DS has extended thanks to AGM[Admin] and SDE[Staff]. <Letter  <List>

 Sept 29,2011 Pay fixation cases of of JTO to SDE DPC are being settled and they will get the effect in next salary. Matter is taken up with DGM(F) & AGM[Admin]. Clarification in this matter is received by Sr.GMT Nashik Office. Necessary entries are being incorporated in HRMS data. DS has thanked administration for follow up & evident quick disposal of the matter.

 Sept 29,2011 SNEA(I),Nashik congratulates and salutes Comrade D.Ramesh Kumar, SDE (GSM-MSC), Vellore on receipt of Bharat Sanchar Seva Padak Award 2011 under Executive Category–I. The contribution in a truly outstanding and exemplary manner by innovative reconfiguring of Nortel Switches to make them MNP compliant has been awarded. We are pleased to see a ray of hope in the murk hovering our beloved organization with vampires sucking whatever blood it has left.  He saved about Rs 106, 29,00,000 (one hundred six crores and twenty nine lakhs) that BSNL would have incurred on account of closure of 21 Nortel switches and consequent expansion of Huwaei / NSN switches to accommodate the diverted traffic. SNEA(I) Zindabad.  >>>>>>>>>

 Sept 28,2011 SSA Level Awards:- SNEA(I),Nashik congratulates recipients of SSA level awards. We are proud to state here that two of our comrades are among them. Executive awards are won by our Association.They are Com.P.D.Rade and Com.S.N.Thakur. Their contribution towards organization is recognized and we are extremely delighted on achievement of our comrades. We also take here an opportunity to congratulate recipients of Non Executives' awards -Shri.U.S.Morankar-TTA PPN, Shri.S.M.Joshi-TOA,Nashik & Shri.A.S.Mahajan-TM,Lasalgaon. CP Com.S.V.Bhad, DS Com.M.B.Sangale & Prez.S.A.Bhadane have conveyed congratulation to all and reiterated that we are never behind when development of organization is the issue. <Letter>

JAC Fast 27-09-2011:- 

 CS Com.M.S.Adsul has congratulated us on grand success of agitation program of Mass fast. The message is displayed for our Nashik comrades. Many more photos of Nashik fast are available on our Circle website.

Congratulations Comrade.

Nashik has always active role in any JAC activities and this time also this is a grand success. Please convey our congratulations to all the comrades of Nashik and specifically Com. M.B.Sangle, DS & Com. S.V.Bhad, Circle President and other District leaders for their active and leading role in making this massive fast very successful.

Comradely Yours,
M S Adasul,

Fast organized by JAC was highly successful. Executives and Non executives participated in mass fast in protest against VRS & other anti employee & anti developmental policies of BSNL management & Govt. JAC agitation was led by our DS Com.M.B.Sangale as JAC secretary. JAC leaders Com.S.V.Bhad, Com.M.B.Sangale,Com.V.P.Kulkarni, Com.G.N.Wagh, Com.S.A.Bhadane, Com.Dilip Godse, vehemently explained our stand on all demands. It is very positive sign that many other comrades are aware of present situation & many of them participated in sharing of information available with them. Other speakers include Com.A.R.Akhade,Com.A.S.Yeole,  Com.L.P.Joshi, Com.S.P.Nikam etc. TAC member Shri.Pagar also paid visit to the pendol and assured to support our cause on the political platform available for him. Com.Sangale & Com.Wagh thanked Shri.Pagar. All the leaders appealed Executives and Non Executives to make strike on 10-10-2011 successful to foil the evil proposal of BSNL management.

On our CHQ site it is mentioned that VRS is not Panacea to turnaround BSNL. That is to say it is not a remedy to all problems that BSNL is at present exposed to. Panacea was the Goddess of healing as per Greek mythology. VRS is not going to function on behalf of Panacea or rather it will work against her ,  as a result her sister Hygiea the Goddess of good health will get annoyed on erroneous diagnosis and another sister Aceso, the Goddess of recovery will not allow us to recover if we do not overthrow the erroneous prescription. BSNL management perhaps has gone to an inexperienced doctor whose sole endeavor is to kill his patient rather than to treat him. The virus of privatization imported by the Government will become dangerously powerful as it is regularly fed adequately by BSNL management & our position may become far more vulnerable. We will be a commodity heading towards extinction. Dear Comrades, the policy of divide and rule is not new to Indians. Let we not succumb to it once more. That should not become our tradition. The issue is not related only to our survival, it is far greater than this. Roti, Kapada, Makaan and communication – the basic needs of this era may become rare commodity and survival of all Indian will be at stake.

The cause of retardation as we and all know is Corruption. It is result of the rotten taste of our management and the Government. The policy decisions are directed on all fronts towards personal growth. The bank accounts of policy makers are overflowing in abundance and we are shown the virtual image of bankruptcy of our beloved organization. The endeavor of any Government has to produce more job opportunities and not to render people jobless. If a Government Company is treading the path of crushing existing job opportunities what lesson the private companies will learn that is needless to say. So comrades, awake, mobilize, enlighten and be ready to defeat the sinister move of making us jobless and beheading our beloved organization towards extinction.

 Sept 26,2011 The news “Will anybody bail the cat” dated 24.09.2011 is not to blame any particular individual. It is the real fact that customer has to suffer a lot on account of “Tolava-tolvi” . It is high time to introspect. Our attitude should be positive and it is our duty to assist the customer for any query related to BSNL services irrespective of section and location. CSC in charges are requested to issue instructions at their respective CSCs that efforts are made to attend customer as he is the purpose of all our endeavors. 

DS Com.M.B.Sangale has declared that complaint arose out of negligence would not be entertained and association will not extend any support for such lapses.

 Sept 26,2011JAC Secretary Com.M.B.Sangale appealed members of all JAC constituent Associations and Unions to apply for one day Casual leave on 27 Sep 2011 and participate in one day fast at Sr.GMT Nashik office MICO Circle. In the meeting JAC constituent leaders -CP SNEA-Com.S.V.Bhad, CS AIBSNLEA -Com.V.P.Kulkarni, DS AIBSNLEA- B.D.Gaikar, BSNLEU DS- Com.G.N.Wagh,VP SNEA-Com.C.R.Kadam, NFTE DS-Dilip Godse, FNTO Prez Com.Shailesh Dhande & Com.L.M.Shinde were present.

 Sept 26,2011JAC Meeting was held on 24 Sep 2011 as per schedule  & it is unanimously decided to make the agitation successful.

 Sept 24,2011 Will anybody bell the Cat? - EVDO users on realization of economy in use of CDMA internet services are coming for reactivation of closed numbers. We have not launched any scheme to bring them back but those who are coming on their own are  forced not to avail the services. On Monday 12 Sept 2011, one customer came to CSC Cidco , his application was taken without deposit, later it is understood that his old CAF is missing so till date his connection is not activated. Later on 23rd Sept. one customer was asked to come next week as SIR ! is not available today. One more customer 9684016363 first went to CSC N.D.Patel Rd for reactivation , she was forced to go to CSC Cidco. She came to CSC Cidco , but nobody accepted her application/as well as deposit.  These are just samples.......can we curb such practices?

 Sept 23,2011Posting of Com.M.H.Kalkar to Nashik T.D under incoming tenure transfer. <order>

 Sept 22,2011Cancellation of transfer order of Com.S.G.Shinde. <order>

  Sept 22,2011Circle Prez Com. S.V.Bhad has conveyed declaration of Hon.GS Com.G.L.Jogi for Mass fast at All India, Circle and SSA levels on 27-09-2011, One day strike of 10-10-2011. DS Com. Sangale , DP Com.Bhadane and Circle Prez have appealed for success of the declared action.

 Sept 22,2011 News of JAC....  JAC decides to observe one day mass fast on  27-09-2011 and one day strike on 10-10-2011

The JAC which met at New Delhi today 21-09-2011, took the historic decision to oppose the VRS, lock stock and barrel. The meeting which was presided over by com. G.L.Jogi,GS,SNEA, unanimously decided to observe one day mass fast at All India level, circle level and SSA level on 27-09-2011 and to go on one day strike on 10-10-2011, opposing VRS, demanding PLI, etc

The unions which participated in the meeting were BSNLEU, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, BSNL MS, TEPU, SEWA BSNL, BTU and NFTBE.

PROGRAMME  Mass fast at All India ,circle and SSA levels on 27-09-2011.  One day strike on 10-10-2011.

   DEMANDS  1)   No VRS.  2)   Payment of PLI.  3)   Restoration of medical allowance, LTC and Leave encashment.

4)   Policy related issues 5)   Conclusion of the process of absorption of ITS. 6)   Merger of 78.2% IDA.

Policy related issues include:-

a)    Compensation for BSNL’s rural operations.  b)    Pension contribution on actual basic pay.  c)    Refund of RS.8313 crore to BSNL which was paid towards BWA spectrum charges.  d)    Reimbursement of License Fee.  e)    Allowing BSNL to surrender 3G spectrum of unviable circles.( Private companies are given the freedom to select circles of their choice.)  f)     Refund of Rs.7500 crore with interest, collected from BSNL towards “Notional Loan.”  g)    Procurement of equipments.  h)    Discontinue TACs.

It is decided to approach NFTE and FNTO also for united action.

 Organize the programme very effectively, in order to give a fitting reply to the retrograde steps being taken by the government and the BSNL management, to destabilize BSNL.

 Sept 21,2011 SNEA(I),Nashik delegation comprised of Circle Prez. Com. S.V.Bhad, DS Com. M.B.Sangale, Prez. Com. S.A.Bhadane , Vice Prez. Com. C.R.Kadam, ADT Com.K.D.Gangurde ,Com. P.T.Dawande & Org Sec Com.P.B.Vispute  visited family of Late Com. S.M.Avhad and made over welfare cheque of Rs.40000/- from SNEA(I) to Smt. Avhad. The cheque was collected by our Treasurer Com. G.G.Borse from SNEA(I) Maharashtra.

 Sept 21,2011  DS Com.M.B.Sangale attended committee meeting on the issue of use of Vehicles in Nashik SSA under chairmanship of Additional GM, Hon.Shri.Nitin Mahajan. DS also submitted our suggestions for optimum, pragmatic and justified usage of vehicles both departmental as well as hired.  <suggestions>

 Sept 21,2011  TTA to JTO [Officiating] - <Order>

 Sept 20,2011VRS presentation on  12-09-2011 to Hon'ble MOC &IT by BSNL.  >>>>>>>>>>

Sept 17,2011INVITATION- Sadguru sadafaldeo Vihangam Yog Sansthan, Nashik centre has invited all the members of SNEA Nashik to attend Vihangam Yoga Meditation Program at Mahakavi Kalidas Kalamandir, Nashik on Friday,  23 September 2011 [ Time 05:00 PM to 08:00 Hrs PM]. You can go through the attachment for detailed invitation and benefits that one can have by practicing Vihangam Yoga  Meditation.< invitation> . The invitation is received through SDE PRO Nashik Smt.Rayarikar.

 Sept 16,2011Publicize Selfcare Portal to reduce Customer Complaints- SDE[PG] Com.Smt.J.A.Mundalik has appealed all the Executives to publicize selfcare portal ' '  for any BSNL LL/Broadband bill related queries that will lead to reduction in grievances such as non receipt of bills, excess billing etc. For any difficulty in registration please contact '2317575'. Link to the portal is already available on our website under drop down menu- 'BSNL'.


 Sept 15,2011 Pay fixation of JTO to SDE promotes is completed by Nashik administration. DS Com.M.B.Sangale has extended thanks to all concerned for early action. Letter & list

 Sept 15,2011Transfer of Com.M.H.Kalkar from J & K to MH <.M.H.Kalkar>

 Sept 14,2011 Explanation SNEA(I) not protesting - Dear Comrades our Circle Prez Com.S.V.Bhad has explained our stand. BSNL is in loss, media and politicians will not support our agitation, LTC is not stopped for the employees retiring within two years & we can get it after two years within same slab. Medical with vouchers is available from recognized hospitals. From Oct 11 MTNL is cutting salary by 25% and next victims should not be BSNL. JAC is only for development issues. Moreover we are aware of issues related to mandays [Contract labors] which are going to put more financial burden on BSNL & risks. Court cases & such issues have led obstruction to work and still we have not left issue we can fight. Please go through the letter Hon. Jogi Sir has put on CHQ site.

JAC has to stay on course and get united:

 JAC fundamentally came into existence in 2007 to launch broad based and sustained struggle on issues of policy of the government and the BSNL management. The struggle started on the issue of cancellation of 45.5 m GSM lines.

 Over a period of time, JAC lost its objectivity and focus in terms of a serious drift on issues of policy. Today BSNL is bleeding because the government has abdicated all the policy commitments that BSNL is entitled to, namely, abolition of ADC, USOF, Rural service compensation, refund of spectrum charges for giving BSNL non standard BWA spectrum (Rs 8300 crores), payment of pension by BSNL on actual basic, ITS absorption, so on and so forth. Then there are critical policy issues pertaining to BSNL management i.e procurement of equipment, introducing new business mechanisms and processes to bolster growth of BSNL, greater accountability, performance based HR policies etc. etc.

 Unfortunately, these issues have gone out of sight of JAC and unless these issues are addressed through unending, protracted and sustained struggle, struggle on other issues have virtually no meaning because other issues will get addressed once policy issues are attacked comprehensively. Hectic political and media support is needed and this support will be forthcoming once policy issues are focused and a sustained struggle is launched on those issues, whereas support will be completely absent on other issues.

Besides, JAC has gone considerably weak since two affiliates (NFTE and FNTO) have moved out for whatever reasons. Almost a parallel JAC is functioning which is counterproductive and undesirable. Weaknesses in JAC have become quite pronounced after the latest membership verification. Extraordinary maturity at this critical hour when there is a big question mark about bread and butter of lakhs and lakhs of workers has to be displayed by one and all to forge complete unity. This is really no time for petty politicking and scoring of points. And if the leadership of trade unions do not rise to the occasion by bidding good bye to internal squabbles and settling of scores, posterity will never forgive them for being extremely narrow minded and peevish

 JAC has to undergo drastic transformation in prioritizing issues, deciding strategies, getting political and media support, project essentially issues of policy and finally making it once again formidable force that it emerged in 2007. 

This is without prejudice to anyone, and SNEA(I) cannot and does not escape its share of responsibility in taking JAC to its present position. Thus JAC needs immediate course correction in raising and struggling intensely on issues of policy and injecting new life. SNEA(I) shall unquestionably continue to remain an integral part of JAC.

GS addresses Hon Prime Minister - Association solicit Hon PM's benign intervention by directing telecom policy enforcers to   immediately revisit critical policy commitments that BSNL is entitled to for accomplishing social objectives of national telecom policy which have been arbitrarily abandoned without any analytical evaluation. If such an intervention is not forthcoming on war footing, government’s prestigious and strategic telecom behemoth is destined to perish.

Scripting of exit policy another telecom policy reversal to legitimize yet another policy breach by private operators. In stark contrast, BSNL is forced to bleed because of abdication of policy commitments by government to support it for its extraordinary role in meeting social objectives of telecom policy.    

Ever since first National telecom policy (NTP) 95 was drafted, private operators have blatantly violated policy provisions and each policy breach has been followed by policy amendments to legitimize breach of policy. Tweaking of NTP, 95 by replacing it by NTP, 99 to bail out private operators from paying fixed licence fees of Rs 1,26,000 crores to Government assumed shape of new telecom policy called NTP,99. Again in the year 2008, Government, in the name of breaking cartelization of private operators for healthy competition in rural sector, increased number of operators per circle to 14. Private operators, in naked defiance of policy, strictly confined themselves to green pastures, leaving inaccessible and loss making areas to   BSNL, which made incredibly huge investments for growth of these remote areas.

 In fact, private operators are so much confident that every policy violation they perpetrate would be legitimized by policy reversals that they violate policy provisions with impunity, and every policy breach is followed by policy correction to legitimize policy breach. The exit policy being drafted now in the garb of efficient and optimum usage of spectrum is just to legitimize latest serious breach of policy already perpetrated by private operators. In blatant violation of 3G policy provisions, by entering into an illegitimate roaming agreement with each other, restrained by policy, private operators are providing 3G services in Circles where they did not bid for 3G spectrum and do not have 3G licence.  

This serious infringement of 3G policy provisions, strictly forbidding providing of 3G services unless one has 3G licence, perpetrated by Airtel in collusion with other private operators is likely to be legitimized by exit policy under consideration. MOC&IT is apprised in detail about violation of policy vide letter under reference (copy enclosed).

In sharp and striking contrast, while uninterrupted policy reversals to legitimize persistent and deliberate policy breaches by private operators forms core of telecom policy of the government, BSNL is being mercilessly and relentlessly butchered by Government by denying legitimate policy commitments it is entitled to. Concrete policy commitments contained in NTP, 99 to compensate BSNL for meeting social obligations of the government have been summarily set aside as have other major policy commitments like payment of ADC and USOF, reimbursement of huge investments made for growth of rural telecom infrastructure, both basic and wireless, on account of which BSNL is bleeding profusely etc. been arbitrarily and unilaterally done away with in contravention of envisaged policy commitments.

Mechanism of ADC meticulously worked out and put in place by TRAI to compensate BSNL for incredibly huge investments it made for growth of massive rural telecom infrastructure both fixed and wireless is abolished arbitrarily, without quantifying returns on unbelievably huge investments.

 BSNL has already profusely bled and continues to bleed for providing rural services and has inflicted colossal loss of more than Rs 10,000 cores for this activity. This hard reality continues to fall on the deaf ears of those dealing with USOF. Administrator USOF and bureaucrats in MOF who do not acknowledge herculean role and incredibly huge investment of BSNL without any returns in building massive rural telecom infrastructure should rub their eyes to find Airtel doubling its tariffs in the name of meeting rural services expenditure even though it is yet to make any investment in building rural infrastructure. 

3G pan India licence was thrust on BSNL (forced to pay highest Rs 10,000 crores) by depriving it of opportunity to bid on circle wise basis (private operators were offered complete freedom to decide circles of their choice since they knew they were to violate policy only to be legitimized).

 BSNL has been given a non standard BWA spectrum after paying market value of about Rs 8300 cores in sharp contrast to private operators who for the same value got standard BWA spectrum. Despite consistently urging upon DOT to either allocate appropriate BWA spectrum band or allow it to surrender redundant band and thus refund Rs 8300 crores, no decision is taken thus far. Assets of DOT are not transferred to BSNL as committed at the time of corporatization of DOT, even ten years have elapsed.    

 What is shocking is that government is disintegrating its own mammoth Company by persistently   abdicating envisaged policy commitments to safeguard BSNL, thus failing to recognize key, fundamental and unending role it has played and is to play in meeting telecom objectives of the government to   provide universal services at affordable prices. Trade unions in BSNL representing three lakh workers are miffed at MOC&IT keeping himself at a great distance and insulated from them. Feedback from the largest stakeholders of the Company can be rejuvenating, mind boggling and invaluable, provided MOC&IT recognizes the critical and overriding importance of inputs from workers and huge insight they  provide, based on hard ground realities which are seldom reflected by bureaucracy for its own reasons.

 We solicit Hon PM's benign intervention by directing telecom policy enforcers to   immediately revisit critical policy commitments that BSNL is entitled to for accomplishing social objectives of national telecom policy which have been arbitrarily abandoned without any analytical evaluation. If such an intervention is not forthcoming on war footing, government’s prestigious and strategic telecom behemoth is destined to perish.  >>>>>>>>>>>>

Sept 13,2011Now House Tax [Gharpatti] can be paid online if you have Axis ATM Card. link- >House/Water_tax. Link is also available under drop down menu-Payments.

Sept 12,2011 Some Executives working in External sections suggested to popularize provision of Landline fault booking from mobile phone. By dialing 0253-21982198 one can lodge LL complaint. The need to popularize the access to IVRS based complaint booking arose from the fact that many customers complain in writing without lodging it through available provision for complaint. This delays rectification of fault and customer remains unknown to the best and easiest method to lodge complaint. It is therefore requested to confirm first whether customer has lodged a complaint or not. No doubt his written complaint too must be attended but he may be suitably informed the provision to lodge complaint from mobile phone.

 Sept 11,2011CHQ- SNEA  has decided not to participate in the Dharna programmes on 14th Sept 2011-convened by JAC on the issue of withdrawal of some of the facilities of the BSNL employees.

 Sept 8,2011 DS addressed letter to Sr.GMT Nashik and acquainted him with our membership of 186. DS also confirmed pay fixation issue of JTO to SDE promotes for which the work is in progress & is expected to be completed in a week or two. Mobile handset reimbursement will be done through salary for claimants and the amount will be exempted from income tax. <SNEA Nashik Executive list >

Sept 7,2011  JAC Convener VA.N.Namboodari raps BSNL management for anti-motivational activity of depriving the BSNL Employees of their basic facilities like Medical reimbursement, LTC and leave encashment. Instead of implementing policies for development of BSNL all the policies of BSNL management have so far assisted private operators. This is culmination of all. The main culprits behind BSNL's present state must be taken to task instead of harassing & & demoralizing the innocent employees.- <JACletter>

Sept 6,2011Mobile Handset & book awards.

  • List of eligible Executives' for re-imbursement  for  replacement of  Mobile Handsets -<List> <Letter & Proforma>
  • Book Awards, Incentives & Scholarship- <List>

 Sept 5,2011-Expenditure Control- Leave encashment withdrawn immediately. All India LTC frozen for two years. Medical without voucher withdrawn from 1.10.2011. < Letter >

 Sept 5,2011-Hon.Sr.GMT conveyed our DS Com.M.B.Sangale that the informal meeting will convened soon and the date most probably will be 16th or 17th September 2011.

 Sept 3,2011-Hon Supreme Court dismissed the SLP filed by BSNL against the High court order extending notional date of promotion on LDCE promotion of 2004. Hon CAT and High Court, Karnataka in their judgments allowed notional date of promotion w.e.f 23.01.2002, 6 months after the scheduled date of conduction of LDCE <<order>>  <<Hon High Court order>>  

All LDCE promotion 2004 candidates [ those who passed Competitive exam held in Dec 2002] please submit their representation as per the draft mailed by Vice Prez. Com.C.R.Kadam.

 AUG 30,2011-Hon.Sr.GMT informed DS Com.M.B.Sangale that he has personally spoken with GM[HQ] and accordingly has asked AGM[Admin] to expedite pay fixation of JTO to SDE promotes. DS has extended thanks to Hon.Sr.GMT for the concern.

 AUG 29,2011-Hon.Sr.GMT has issued instructions on implementation of transfer orders. Non implementation of order in a week will be responsibility of immediate controlling officer. On being relieved the earlier controlling officer is not competent to accept joining of already relieved officer. Office Order

 AUG 27,2011-DS Com.M.B.Sangale met Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik and discussed the issue of pay fixation of recently promoted JTOs to SDE cadre and made over the copies of pay fixation memos of Exeutives from Goa,Kalyan,Nagpur & Pune. DS asked Hon.Sr.GMT to arrange to fix pay of Nashik JTO to SDE promotes. Hon.Sr.GMT assured to do the needful at an earliest on confirming the matter from Circle Office.

 AUG 27,2011-Executive body meet of SNEA(I) Nashik was held on 26.08.2011 under presidency of Com.S.A.Bhadane at N.D.Patel road TRC hall. The agenda for submission to Sr.GMT was finalized. CP Com.S.V.Bhad and DS Com.M.B.Sangale gave valuable inputs during the meeting.

 AUG 26,2011-CHQ updates:-

  • Association stand on WiMax scandal fully vindicated[justified]. Association has raised strongly the issue of award of WiMax contract to fake companies and has submitted strong evidence to CVC and CBI in Feb 2011 to investigate the whole issue of WiMax project. It is understood that CBI has filed an FIR against a senior officer of BSNL on this issue.
  • Copy of the CAT Judgement in147 case >>>>>>>>>

 AUG 25,2011-DS Com.M.B.Sangale meets Hon.Sr.GMT- Our DS Com.M.B.Sangale yesterday had a meeting with Hon.Sr.GMT on the issues related to CMTS. Taking this opportunity DS discussed following HR issues with Hon.Sr.GMT.

Status report of JTO to SDE DPC. - On this issue it is informed that the report is ready and Smt.Wakade, P.V.Patil and Smt. Salve are shown as JTO. Smt. Wakade and P.V.Patil had assumed charge as SDE but they were not relieved by their controlling officer on administrative grounds. DS strongly protested the matter and told Hon.Sr.GMT that nobody should be deprived of promotion for administrative reasons. Hon.Sr.GMT informed that the matter has already been taken up with circle office in case of Com.Wakade and Com.Patil and the case will be reexamined on receipt of clarification.DS also demanded to initiate action of the controlling officer for non-implementation of order in spite of instructions from Hon.Sr.GMT.

Pay fixation matter of JTO to SDE promotes was also discussed which was already taken up by DS and CP Com.S.V.Bhad 15 days before. In this matter too clear guidelines from circle office are sought by Nashik administration. The letter in this matter will be handed over to our CP so that matter will be pursued on priority.

Retention case of Com.S.G.Shinde on genuine grounds- The report is prepared with specific recommendations and is being sent immediately.

On summing up Hon.Sr.GMT appealed our DS to find a way so that Executives' will come forward to get posted in rural area where there is tremendous shortage of Executives.

 AUG 23,2011:CHQ:-

  • Association seeks immediate intervention of Shri.Pradeepkumar, Central Vigilance Commissioner in ordering a deep and independent probe into serious financial irregularities perpetuated by Shri.Joythisankar GM Trivandrum SSA , in acquisition of  buildings by BSNL belonging to his brother-in-law, wife and mother-in-law indiscriminately at very exorbitant rates. Association pleads with Central Vigilance Commissioner that large scale acquisition of buildings by BSNL belonging to close relatives of the said officer cannot be a matter of mere coincidence but a serious financial irregularity in which the said officer is not difficult to establish. >>>>>>>>>>
  •  Now, telcos violating norms for 3G. Times of India coverage of the issue <<<link>>>. This violation of licensing condition was first addressed by this Association to Hon'ble Minister  of C & IT, Shri Kapil Sibal .<<<Letter>>>

  • Association pleads with CMD/BSNL to abandon some existing perverse HR policies relating to executives and urges upon him to intervene immediately to address some basic and key issues of executives in the larger interests of the process of rebuilding the Company. GS also appeals to Comrades of SNEA(I) throughout the Country to maintain high levels of Organizational preparedness to respond to any situation arising out of abject neglect and non resolution of some basic HR issues within a reasonable time frame since continuing non settlement of these key HR issues is badly damaging the growth of the Company by continuous demoralization. Enough time has been given and we can no longer afford to wait for quick resolution of these crucial issues. <<<letter>>>

 AUG 20,2011Umakant Rachappa Hingmire, Father of Com. Hingmire P.U.,JTO expired today. Funeral rites will be performed tomorrow on 21.8.2011 at 09:00Hrs at Chandori. May lord offer peace to the departed soul. SNEA(I),Nashik shares the grief of Com.Hingmire and his family and prays lord to offer courage to the bereaved family.

 AUG 20,2011

 AUG 18,2011Warm welcome to Com.D.C.Ahire, DE (A/T) at Nashik. Com. Ahire is a basic member of SNEA(I),Nashik and has rendered valuable service many a times to Association. He joined on his transfer from Hyderabad to Nashik on  August 16,2011.

 AUG 18,2011Transfer order of Com.S.P.Kulkarni is cancelled by Circle Office. <Order>

15 August 2011



We are celebrating 65th Independence day. The vigor and enthusiasm which was seen earlier is not visible now a days. The national spirit is adversely cultivated by few political leaders in the direction of caste and race. Caste & race has got upper hand now a days. It is high time to retrospect & introspect  what we have achieved since independence. Let us not be cynical. We did achieve a lot but we have also developed one virus in our culture which is severely detrimental to society as whole. No nation can coexist with this virus. The virus is corruption and it is menacingly contaminating our democracy. It is not so simple to believe that there will be an age in which there will be no drawbacks. But this does not mean that we are relieved of the obligation to fight for the defects which we have recognized. We must try to overcome the flaw and strive for the ideal state. Present era in Indian democracy is overpowered by corruption and it has become an integral part of our existence spoiling the very roots of our culture. It is difficult to find a man who has not succumbed to corrupt practices in his life. It does not mean that he has lost the right to fight against this menace. On the other hand he would be the best soldier to fight against it as he knows the minute details of work culture of this virus. "Frailty thy name is woman" is true in the context of Shakespeare's play but the fact is the human race itself justifies the statement equally for all human beings irrespective of gender. Reign of that frailty is in the hands of society. Instances of this frailty are more if society as a whole  is deteriorating. We all know that abundance of evil is a high time to take an arms against it. Similarly it is the perfect time to invigorate our youth as well as society as a whole to overcome menace of corruption. If we do have some nationality still left among us and we are born humane we will join hands with the forces that have raised hands and vowed to sacrifice life if required. Indifference has to be named culpable crime. Proper  direction need to be given to the unrest among masses. There might be some setbacks as devil of corruption will not let you win so easily. Such failures must not induce us to renounce our intentions. Let all of us not make our life- 'A tale told by an idiot full of sounds and fury signifying nothing.'



 AUG 9,2011.Service Provider wise Market Share - Bharati-19.86%, Reliance-16.82%, Vodafone- 16.62%,Idea-11.17%, BSNL- 11% & Tata- 10.68%. Telecom Subscription data for June 30,2011  Click for-<Telecom Subscription data>

 AUG 5,2011Management of transfer orders at Circle Office continues-after posting of principal CTTC, few stay orders ,now order of one JTO is modified to Nashik Mobile. The JTO was posted to Nandgaon by Nashik T.D. There are 'n' number of basic Nashik comrades having option to Nashik Mobile suffering the pangs of isolation from family. The foul play continues and unrest among Nashik comrades is not paid heed to by anybody.  < order >

 AUG 4,2011 Request Transfer orders-from-SNEAMAH-<Modified SDEs,Order-1><Order-2><DE tfr order>

 AUG 2,2011 SWAP CARD MACHINE can be connected with CDMA line. The card swaping machine is tested successfully by Sandip Ashok Relekar, TTA WLL Solapur [ 9420782200/0217-2911003] in coordination with  CDMA MSC Kolhapur. Congrats Sandip, well done, keep it up. Click here for-> < Procedure> 

 AUG 1,2011 DS Com.M.B.Sangale met AGM(HR & Admin) today and reviewed status of following issues-

1. Pay fixation of recently promoted Executives from JTO to SDE. AGM Admin has asked SDE Staff to collect the information and hand it over to Establishment for further necessary action.

2. Regarding DPC of JAO for Com. Kashikar , it is learned that DPC is already over & order will be issued in a day or two.

3.Case of TBP of Com.P.M.Joshi was also discussed. The report of the committee is yet awaited.

DS has appealed the JTO to SDE promotes to keep their options ready for pay fixation.


  • VRS of SDEs: BSNL Corporate office permitted 12 SDEs(4 are from MH) to retire voluntarily from services w.e. from F/N of 1st Aug 2011.   <Order & list>

  • LDCE for promotion as SDE(Electrical),Declaration of result: BSNL Corporate office announced the result of LDCE for promotion from JTO(Electrical) to SDE(Electrical) conducted on 19-06-2011 for the recruitment years 2008-09,2009-10 and 2010-11.  <Copy of result>

  • LDCE for promotion as SDE(Civil),for backlog vacancies of SC/ST. Declaration of result: BSNL Corporate office announced the result of LDCE for promotion from JTO(Civil) to SDE(Civil) conducted on 18-06-2011 for the backlog vacancies in the category of SC and ST.  <Copy of result>>>>>

  • Retirement of 6 DEs, 9 SDEs & 4 JTOs of MH on today i.e 31st July 2011: 6 DEs, 9 SDEs & 4 JTOs  of MH are going to retire from service on today afternoon i.e on 31st  July 2011, after attaining superannuation. SNEA(I) MH Circle wishes a happy, healthy & peaceful retired life to all the 19 comrades.  <DE’s><SDEs>< JTO’s>


 July 30,2011 CHQ NEWS-

  • GS writes to Dir(HRD) regarding non-utility of induction training for those JTOs/SDEs(Civil) having put more than 10 years of Service <<<letter>>>
  •  July 29,2011- GS writes to CMD BSNL regarding Repeated procurement and subsequent dumping of redundant equipment - PCMCIA 3 G Data Cards - Vendor considerations heavily outweigh business interests and market demand<<<letter>>>
  • Core Committee formation by SNEA(I) , TN Circle <<<<Details>>>>
  • Proposal by the management to introduce changes in EPP<<<<letter>>>

July 26,2011 Before birth of a bride, ornaments are ready. - Commercial launch of CDMA PRBT before launch of CDMA Mobile services. <<Letter>>

 July 25,2011 Tenure transfer of SDEs < <order>>

 July 24,2011 Meeting with Sr.GMT,Nashik :-  DS Com.M.B.Sangale along with Circle Prez Com.S.V.Bhad, Prez Com.S.A.Bhadane and Org Sec Com.P.B.Vispute met Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik on 23 July 2011 and discussed following issues-

1. Budget allotment for second Quarter - Hon.Sr.GMT informed that adequate provision is there in budget allotment but funds are not allotted as per provision in the budget allotment.

2. Ty Advances- Simplification of procedure is suggested by us and same is agreed by Hon.Sr.GMT. Before submission of ACE-2 bill approval may be given but actual advance will be disbursed on submission of bill.

3. Payment of residential newspaper amount- Hon.Sr.GMT asked AGM[HR & Admin] to work out possibility of making payment through salary or any other simplified procedure.

4. Mobile Handset & Briefcase payment - AGM[HR & Admin] informed necessary requisition will be called from eligible Executives and sanction will be issued accordingly.

5.Posting of staff to DE Mobile- Posting of Sr.TOA/TOC. It is informed that postings are already issued. On the issue of Furniture allotment and sitting arrangement for Executives of mobile Hon.Sr.GMT informed that action is to be initiated by DGM Mobile. Necessary approval will be given.

6.Strength of Executives in SSA- Hon.Sr.GMT instructed AGM(HR&Admin) to write letter to Circle Office on the input provided.

7.Officiating promotion of Com.Kashikar- Association conveyed displeasure over the issue of Officiating promotion of Com.Kashikar who is performing JAO Offtg work without any administrative order. Hon.Sr.GMT asked AGM(HR&Admin) to take immediate necessary steps for conduction of DPC & issue of order by 27.7.2011.

After discussing above issues Hon.Sr.GMT expressed concerned over working of Executives. He pointed out to the lot of complaints raised by Kalwan customers. Hon.Sr.GMT also pointed out some other instances where Executives are unaware of the assets in their jurisdiction. He requested DS to discuss this with our Executives.

DS Com.M.B.Sangale has made an appeal to all comrades to take note of Hon.Sr.GMT's concern. Executives should be aware of the assets available in their jurisdiction, its connectivity as well as status. Cleanliness of all the equipments in the premises is responsibility of Exchange in charge. Functioning of some CSCs is also matter of concern. All possible services must be provided from CSCs. DS has also said that non performers will not be supported from Association platform.

 July 23,2011  CHQ: AGSs Com. Khan and Com. Chandrasekhar met PGM(BW) Shri A.K.Gupta and highlighted the following issues.

1. Entry level training: The attention was drawn towards conduction of training at this belated stage for JTOs/SDEs(Civil) who have completed more than 10 yrs of service as they have not been provided the required training at the induction stage. It was agreed that at this stage there is no need for such training and instead the online mechanism for such types of training should be adopted which will save our time & money.

2. Backlog vacancies in SC/ST in SDE(C) LDCE examination: There are more number of backlog vacancies available then the notified vacancies. The already notified vacancies were less than the number of vacancies  communicated to SC/ST commission. PGM agreed to look in to the matter.

3. Seniority cum fitness promotion from JTO(C)  to SDE(C) & from SDE(C) to EE(C): The process for the DPC is already on but the pace at which the process is moving is very slow. Not much has taken place in JTO to SDE promotion but in case of SDE to EE promotion CRs from two persons are pending and VC has also been asked from CVOs office.

4. Seniority list of JTO(C) & SDE(C): There were many anomalies existing in the both the seniority, Eligibility List. PGM took keen interest in the matter and suggested that the office of PGM doesn't have the complete details of JTOs and SDEs working under Civil zones. He gave us the performa for updation and requested for the help of the Association in resolving the issue as this will help us in giving local officiating in the grade of SDE(C) & EE(C) looking to the working strength and shortage in a circle.

5. PEMS software for prepartion of estimates, analysis & History sheet: Com. B. Chandrasekhar, SDE(C), Visakhapatnam, AP Circle through his personal efforts has developed this PEMS which very handy for making project estimates, analysis,history sheets  & other features. We personally handed over the CD containing the software for its implementation across BSNL. This is an in-house software and will help in saving our time and money.The software is already available on

 July 22,2011 No  DE Officiating promotion.  Make Look after arrangement says Circle office being matter of seniority is sub-judice. < Letter>

 July 22,2011 Minutes of the meeting on the issue of request transfer- The meeting was held on 29-03-2011 by BSNL Nashik administration with DS SNEA(I),Nashik Com.M.B.Sangale & DS AIBSNLEA Shri.B.D.Gaikar.  Minutes- Page1, Page2

 July 21,2011 Renewal of empanelled Hospitals for the period 01-02-2011 to 31-03-2012.- < Letter>
Following hospitals are renewed for BSNL MRS at Nashik.

1. Sanjivani Hospital, Panchavati.  2.Saykhedkar Hospital, Cidco,Nashik.  3.Life Care Hospital,Lekhanagar.

 July 19,2011 Com.Ms.Aditi Dixit-JAO has passed CA Examination . District Secretary Com.M.B.Sangale has congratulated Ms.Dixit on her achievement. SNEA(I),Nashik is proud of our comrades' success.

 July 19,2011  Marketting and sale of CDMA product/service :- Corporate Office has issued letter for proper marketing and sale of CDMA product/services. < letter >. Huge capacity of CDMA network is lying idle. Thousands of RUIM cards are available with SSAs but there is no planning for utilization of these cards. Promotional offers are declared on prepaid CDMA mobiles but services are yet to be launched- reason unknown. Apathy of management on utilization of CDMA products/services is horrible. Mere issue of letters will not serve the cause. Responsible persons need to be taken to task for ignoring the opportunity and wastage of investment. In Nashik SSA itself  more than 22000  ruims are dumped.

 July 16,2011  The meeting of the Competitive passed Executives'[SDEs] of Nashik SSA took place at Sanchar Bhavan,Nashik. Com.S.V.Bhad-CP , Com.M.B.Sangale-DS, Com.S.A.Bhadane-DP & Com.C.R.Kadam-VP gave valuable guidance to the Executives'. Contact Com.P.M.Barve [ 9423885511]- SDE EB for more information.

 July 15,2011 Retired Executive appointed as Nodal Officer for  Art of Living Plan. Mr.Billade mentioned as DE Sales is retired Executive from Nashik SSA. Executive working at Nashik is nodal officer for Dhule/Nandurbar.  The success of EB-MH is visible in the efforts taken while selecting the nodal officers.  AOL plan & Nodal officers

 July 15,2011 GS writes to Director(HRD) to take immediate steps to hold JAG DPC by either including or excluding 270 competitive STS and earmarking posts for them. >>>>>>>

  July 14,2011 SNEA(I),Nashik condemns 'cowardly' Mumbai terror attacks. We pray God to offer courage to Mumbaikars so that they face the crisis bravely and humanity prevails. May God offer peace to the departed souls and courage to the relatives of the deceased.

 July 14,2011 We are proud to announce that Com. R K Narang, ADS SNEA (I) GMTD Bhopal Branch had  proposed some tariff plans of Broadband and the same were forwarded by CS SNEA  MP to GS SNEA. Three Broadband plans were sent to Corporate Office for approval were-
Broadband Plan-1:-Two years Broadband Plan- Pay the amount for 2 years and get service for next 3 years i.e. a rebate of about 33%. This is to be viewed in such a way that if a person puts his money in bank for 2 years Fixed Deposit he will get 9.5 % PA Interest.
Broadband Plan-2:-Three Years Broadband Plan- Pay the money for 3 years and get service for next 5 years i.e. a rebate of about 40%.
Broadband Plan-3:-Five Years Broadband Plan- Pay the money for 5 years and get service for next 10 years i.e. a rebate of about 50%. Some private Banks & Societies are doubling money in 5 years.
Out of these 3 plans BSNL Corporate Office Vide Letter No. 1-1/2009-R&C [CFA] Dated: 08-06-2011 has approved Broadband Plan-1  & 2 with minor changes in duration. We feel this is a big achievement that R&C [CFA] section of Corporate Office has prepared above 2 highly attractive Broadband plans on proposal of SNEA. These Broadband plans are the Urgent requirement for BSNL to take money from the market in a shorter duration for at-least next 3 years.
Tariif plan approved by BSNLCO.<<<<order>>>>

 July 13,2011 Misleading figures in data related to training revenue collection in Circle Office letter. Nashik SSA in coordination with CTTC Nashik has trained 153 trainees and Rs.4,15,056/- revenue is collected. Instead of motivation demoralizing data is published. The intentions need investigation.  C.O.Letter

 July 12,2011  STAY ON PROMOTION ORDER : Corporate Office has asked to stop further implementation of JTO to SDE promotion order dated 30-03-2011 from 12 July 2011 in view of the ad-interim stay order dated 5-07-2011 by Hon. High Court of Madras. < Letter >     

 July 08,2011 Minutes of the meeting on the issue of posting of Executives in HR & Admin section Cov Letter  <1><2>

July 08,2011 AGM Admin Nashik wrote a letter to our DS on the ultimatum served by us. <<Letter>>

July 07,2011 D.S. Com.M.B.Sangale met Hon.Sr.GMT and requested immediate implementation of JTO to SDE DPC order. Sr.GMT issued the instructions for the same. Other development issues were also discussed.

 July 07,2011 WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY : CONGRAT TO SUMMER VACATION TRAINERS-DISTRICT SECRETARY Com.M.B.Sangale has congratulated Com.P.M.Joshi, SDE CTTC & his team including volunteers on successful implementation of In Plant Summer Vacation Training for Engineering/Diploma students. In this Summer , the team has imparted training to 135 Candidates thereby bringing revenue of Rs.3,37,500/- to Nashik SSA.

Com.P.M.Joshi has extended thanks to the volunteers Com.S.A.Bhadane-our Prez, Com.C.R.Kadam-Vice Prez, Com.S.S.Pawar, Com.S.V.Deore, Com.G.S.Shelar-Br.Prez, Com.Adavade J.V. [JTO] , Com.V.B.Bharote/Com.Kulkarni [TOF] & Shri.Jagtap[TTA] Internet.

Com.Joshi has also thanked his own team which includes- Com.K.D.Gangurde, Com.P.P.Shingote, Com.P.T.Dawande,Com.N.N.Sonawane, Com.J.M.Kale, Com.Smt.S.R.Mahadeokar, Com.S.K.Shrivastav,Com.V.K.Singh, and CTTC staff.

SNEA(I),Nashik is proud of these Officers and officials who are eager to seize all possible opportunities that will earn revenue for Nashik SSA. They have shown with their selfless efforts that they can pave a way to success & rejuvenate BSNL if a smallest opportunity is offered. We may explore many more ways like this if there is a will to survive..

We appeal Nashik administration to offer due weight to the endeavor by offering required assistance in time for collection of fees, proper inlet for registration of students and arrangement of vehicle for field visits.

 July 06,2011 Directions from Corporate office regarding  DPC [JTO to SDE] on lifting of stay by CAT.  <<<>>>

 July 06,2011

The unrest created by news "OBC to OBC free" in one newspaper is classic example of immature journalism. The Reporter created sensation without going through the contents of the plan. His intention to derogate BSNL is condemned by SNEA(I),Nashik. He is ignorant of the fact that any group can opt for CUG plan subject to the fulfillment of the conditions laid down by the operator and TRAI. It is business strategy , not only of BSNL but of all Mobile operators. The reporter himself may apply for Reporter to Reporter free plan if he can form a group of 50 reporters and he may negotiate further if he has ability to expand his group. The CUG plan is not caste based, it is quantity [number of customers]  based. Any group can apply for the plan. The naive reporter has nothing to say about the real culprits and promoters of caste culture. The newspaper too publishes the news without any scrutiny.

It is not our endeavor to criticize any Newspaper or Reporter, nor do we need to give explanation. We are answerable to our esteemed customers only.

 July 05,2011 Work allotted to BTS maintenance team. <<<<<Work>>>>

 July 05,2011 CHQ Updates-

Judgment of Hon'ble Chennai CAT disposing OA no.1358/2010 filed by AIGETOA & Others regarding JTO to SDE promotion (SC/ST roster). SNEA(I) impleaded in the case.  Hon Court observed that "The violations indicated in the written submission by the applicants become dull and blurred when they are telescoped upon the post based roster prepared by the respondents". Hon Court also directed to fill up the vacant posts if any within a period of six months <<Judgment>>

DoT bats for BSNL, C-DOT and ITI synergy <<news>>

BSNL to formalise ownership of assets tansferred in 2000 <<news>>

All telecom related issues to be resolved by October: Sibal  <<news>>

Telecom minister Kapil Sibal to follow carrot and stick policy  <<news>>

Contract obligations make cell operator switching difficult  <<news>>

Govt may allow spectrum sharing in new telecom policy  <<news>>

BSNL aims to mop up Rs 3k cr revenue from enterprise biz <<news>>

Telecom ministry to refer major policy decisions to Cabinet <<news>>

BSNL seeks Rs 4K cr subsidy to meet costs <<news>>

Cabinet to decide on spectrum pricing, says Sibal  <<news>>

No decision yet on offering VRS to BSNL employees <<news>>

 July 02,2011 Rival association of SNEA(I) has invited some of our comrades through SMS to occupy the empty seats for their forthcoming GB. We also extend best wishes for 100% attendance of their existing 25% Executive + 5% borrowed membership.

  July 02,2011 Our competent AGM(HR&Admin) Nashik corrected the mistake after three weeks period and issued Corrigendum for correction in the order of Hon.Addl. GM Shri.Nitin Mahajan  <<<<>>> 

 July 01,2011 Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad, District Prez Com.S.A.Bhadane, Vice Prez Com.C.R.Kadam congratulated DS Com.M.B.Sangale for his great achievement in enhancing SNEA(I),Nashik membership. Out of 278 Executives working in Nashik SSA including WTR,WTP,Mobile,Civil,Electrical,Accounts and T&D [255 + 23 TTA to JTO] , SNEA(I),Nashik holds membership of 190 members. DS Com.M.B.Sangale has set target of achieving the figure of 225 within the period of three months. All the office bearers and members are requested to coordinate wholeheartedly for welfare of Executive community.

July 01,2011Local request transfers in the cadre of JTO & SDEs---<jtotfr> <sdetfr>

July 01,2011DS Com.M.B.Sangale has extended special thanks to Com.P.S.More and Com.Jadhav V.K -JTO Civil for their special efforts in bringing all Civil comrades to SNEA(I),Nashik. DS  has also  congratulated them on their achievment.

 June 30,2011One more achievement of our dynamic DS Com.M.B.Sangale. Today he enrolled three more JTOs to SNEA(I),Nashik from Civil wing. They are - 1.Com.Patil Pramod Lalchand, 2. Com.Deore Abhay Dadaji, 3. Com.Morkar Yashwant Koutik. Now almost 99% membership of Civil Comrades is with SNEA(I),Nashik. We wholeheartedly welcome all of them to SNEA(I)Nashik pariwar. In joining these three JTOs to SNEA(I),Nashik our ADS Com.P.D.Rade actively supported our DS.

June 27,2011Today  in Hon'ble Chennai CAT the OA no.1358/2010 regarding JTO to SDE promotion (SC/ST roster) has been favorably disposed of in favour of BSNL Management.

 June 26,2011Com.R.S.More's father expired today at Pimpalgaon. We share the grief of bereaved family and pray God to offer peace to the departed soul.Funeral is on 26 June 2011, 22:30Hrs[preponed] at Pimpalgaon.

June 23,2011 DS Com.M.B.Sangale has written a letter to Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik as per the decision in Executive Body meeting dated 22 June 2011. << Letter>>

June 23,2011The scheduled Executive body meeting of SNEA(I),Nashik took place at TRC Hall Sanchar Bhavan Nashik. The meeting was conducted by DS Com.M.B.Sangale along with Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad. Apart from Office bearers some lady comrades too attended the meeting. The issues were discussed very aggressively and it is unanimously decided to address the issues to Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik for immediate positive action. If the issues are not resolved within two weeks period, Executive Body has decided to protest the irresponsible activities of administration by launching trade union program in the SSA. The letter being addressed to Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik will be served soon.

June 23,2011Com.S.D.Kapadnis is posted as SDE Adgaon on his arrival from Raigad. He has joined SNEA(I),Nashik. We welcome him with wholeheartedly to SNEA(I),Nashik pariwar.

June 21,2011Height of poor management by Nashik administration.  DS Com.M.B.Sangale convened emergency Executive body meeting on 22 June 2011 , 17:30 Hrs at TRC Hall Sanchar Bhavan, Mico Circle. The meeting is convened to decide line of action against irresponsible attitude of Nashik administration. The points of discussion are-

1.Fiasco of GSM BTS maintenance team recently formed involving transfer of Executives and NEs to the team on flimsy grounds.

2.Neglecting development activities and ignorance of administration about important revenue earning areas. JTO Gonde transferred without substitute Transfer order -<<<*>>> and his work allotted to imaginary group maintenance team under DGM CFA-II. Rainy Seasonal requirement for non-transfer of Executives' also ignored.

3.Harrasment to the Executives in sanctioning of temporary advances.

4.Team formation for names' sake. No action to convene meetings of the team.

5.Failure of administration to handle mandays' tender issue.

6. Non issuance of the minutes of meetings conducted by Sr.GMT with both DS over transfer issue. Without taking cognizance of association transfers are issued.

7. No action on the issue of tremendous shortage of Executives in Nashik SSA as compared to other GrA SSAs. [ -17 ] , All other Gr.A SSAs have excess executives.

8. Violation of Corporate Office transfer policy.

9.Awarding promotion on look after basis in the cadre of DE by violating the rulings. Sanctioned DE- 18, posted- 18, then without proper justification and approval how Mr.Hazare and Mr.Dongre is given charge of AGM[CS] and DE[Udaan]. Whether they are more intelligent and  having outstanding performance that administration is forced to award them a gift.

All this is beyond tolerance and it is high time to arrest & protest anti-development & anti-Executive activities.    

June 20,2011SNEA(I),Nashik welcomes wholeheartedly Com.Jadhav Y.B. SDE to SNEA(I),Nashik Pariwar. Com.Jadhav came from Ahemednagar SSA and now he is posted to Nandgaon. DS Com.M.B.Sangale acknowledged the efforts of CP Com.S.V.Bhad and Com.C.B.Kulkarni. Day by day SNEA(I),Nashik membership is increasing under dynamic and dashing leadership of DS Com.M.B.Sangale.

June 18,2011The meeting of JTO to SDE DPC Candidates took place at TRC Hall Sanchar Bhavan under guidance of DS Com.M.B.Sangale on 17 June 2011 at 17:30Hrs. DS Com.M.B.Sangale and VP Com.C.R.Kadam gave valuable guidance to the gathering as per directives from CHQ.

June 18,2011The case regarding JTO to SDE promotion (SC/ST roster) came up for final hearing in Hon'ble Chennai CAT 17 June. Arguments completed and judgment reserved.

June 17,2011The case regarding JTO to SDE promotion(SC/ST roster) came up for hearing in Hon'ble Chennai CAT 16 June. BSNL Submitted Minutes of the DPC in the court. As the applicant's lawyer not being present in the court, the case was  adjourned to 17th June.


June 15,2011Proposal of physical Installation and Commissioning of GSM projects by BSNL Staff instead of GSM turnkey Projects -- BSNLCO sought suggestions from CGMs <<letter>>

June 14,2011 SNEA(I),Nashik list with Cell numbers as on 1 June 2011.  <<List>> Corrections if any may please  be communicated on 9422250888 for Name/HRMS/Cell No etc.

June 14,2011Instructions issued for TBP online training/examinations- <<<Letter>>

June 13,2011CHQ-The case regarding JTO to SDE promotion(SC/ST roster) came up for hearing in Hon'ble Chennai CAT today. BSNL has been informed to produce the minutes of the DPC in the next date of hearing i.e on 16th of June '11.

June 10,2011 Welcome to DGM(CFA-I):- SNEA(I),Nashik delegation comprising of CP Com.S.V.Bhad,DS Com.M.B.Sangale, Prez Com.S.A.Bhadane, VPrez Com.C.R.Kadam, ADS Com.P.D.Rade, Org Sec Com.P.B.Vispute, Treasurer Com.G.G.Borase & CEC Member Com.A.R.Akhade met Hon. DGM[CFA-1] Shri.Nitin Mahajan and welcomed him with a flower bouquet. We are well familiar with Hon.DGM and his work style. We are confident of beginning of new era of development with his support. Following issues were discussed in the meeting-

1. HR Issues- Location based requirement of staff and adequate posting of trained personnel's at important main exchanges like EWSD, OCB,TAX etc.

2.Issues of maintenance in the field of Ext. Plant. Hon.DGM assured all support that he can provide from higher level.

We  assured from our side that SNEA(I),Nashik will extend all type of support for development of BSNL Nashik.

June 9,2011MEETING ON TRANSMISSION TEAM FORMATION- D.S. Com.M.B.Sangale had a meeting with DGM (EB & IT) Shri.Vikas Dadhich, DGM(CFA-II) Shri.K.A.Baviskar, DE Trans Shri.Lohar on the issue of streamlining transmission work in the SSA. It is emphasized that measures need to be taken for timely deployment of maintenance team. Suggestion for avoiding unnecessary run of vehicles- Almost all the members agreed to form rural transmission maintenance team at Manmad with required resources such as man ,material and vehicle. It is also proposed to form one transmission team at Satana in due course. DS AIBSNLEA was also present in the meeting.

Nashik administration has formed one more committee to formulate guidelines for posting of executives' in admin section. Smt.Madhuri Nimje- DGM(HR & Admin) is chairman, AGM(Admin) D.A.Joglekar, DS SNEA(I)-Com.M.B.Sangale and DS AIBSNLEA Shri.B.D.Gaikar are the members of the committee.

June 9,2011Shri.Nitin Mahajan, Addnl.GM posted as DGM(CFA-1).<<<Order>>>

June 8,2011-CHQ News- The JTO to SDE (SC/ST roster) promotion case at Hon'ble Chennai CAT is adjourned to 13.06.11 and inter say seniority case adjourned to 22.06.11

June 7,2011-Hearty Welcome to SNEA(I),Nashik- Com.P.A.Nilkhe-DE Manmad, Com.B.R.Singh-SDE Estt, Com.U.K.Pagare-SDE Nashikroad & Com.Manojkumar Billade- JTO Civil joined SNEA(I),Nashik.

Prez.Com.S.A.Bhadane & Vice Prez Com.C.R.Kadam have congratulated our DS Com.M.B.Sangale on joining of 11 members in a span of one month and also for DS's efforts and success in proper posting of these comrades.

June 7,2011-JTO to SDE DPC -Status Quo continues-  -Next hearing on June 8,2011.

June 4,2011-Circle Office issued letter in respect of relieving of Officers in the cadre of  DE/SDE/JTO- <<<>>>> 

June 4,2011-Staff strength- 1 June 2011. Equal distribution of shortage continues. Who is responsible?Guess!

    S P S P S P S P S P J J PD P DR Total J P  
1 PUNE 1 1 5 5 5 11 39 41 249 259 186 139 45 184 435 443 8
2 KALYAN 1 0 3 3 7 1 19 17 116 123 87 47 36 83 203 206 3
3 NAGPUR 1 0 1 2 3 5 16 20 91 94 70 29 50 79 161 173 12
4 NASHIK 0 0 1 1 4 3 18 18 101 103 85 52 14 66 186 169 -17
5 KOLHAPUR 0 0 2 1 4 1 15 17 90 92 72 55 15 70 162 162 0
6 GOA 0 0 2 1 4 2 13 10 78 65 59 56 26 82 137 147 10
7 AURANGABAD 0 0 1 1 2 2 11 7 65 78 53 32 14 46 118 124 6

June 4,2011- Com.B.R.Singh posted as SDE Establishment <<Order>>

June 4,2011-JTO to SDE DPC Status Quo continues- The case regarding roster maintenance in JTO to SDE promotion was listed on 3rd June 2011 in Hon’ble Chennai CAT. BSNL has filed all the relevant papers relating to case in the Court today but the case could not be heard due to non availability of the judicial member.  The case is listed again on 6th June ’11.

June 3,2011-Hon. Sr.GMT Nashik talked with our DS Com.M.B.Sangale on the issues addressed in our letter dated 2nd June 2011. Our DS brought to the notice of Hon.Sr.GMT the highly objectionable letter issued by AGM [Admin]to DS SNEA(I),Nashik. Hon.Sr.GMT replied that the letter is issued to DS's of both the Executives' association however fresh letter with corrections will be issued.

On the issue of relieving of the Executives' under local transfer Hon.Sr.GMT assured to examine the cases of EWSD Nashikroad and Cidco and necessary arrangement of staff and support will be extended.

Regarding meetings on the various committees constituted for name's sake Hon.Sr.GMT assured to convene meeting in a weeks time.

Hon.Sr.GMT further informed that the issue of shortage of Executives is taken with Circle office and in response  Com.B.R.Singh and Com. U.K.Pagare got relieved without substitute and have joined Nashik SSA. No doubt we know the fact that the pressure exercised by our Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad has yielded the result.

June 3,2011-SNEA(I) takes pride in the rare feat achieved by its member: Our SNEA member Sri D.Ramesh Kumar SDE (GSM-MSC), Vellore (+919443200799) has done a very marvelous achievement and a very big savings to our beloved Company.

As per the DoT guidelines, MNP had to be implemented in the entire Network before 31.08.2010. When there was an instruction from BSNL to make all the Network Elements in BSNL compatible for the MNP rollout across the country, Nortel vendor did not come forward to make the Nortel GSM Switches MNP compatible, citing some reasons. Nortel switches are functioning in South and east zones. Under these circumstances, BSNL was in a tight corner and started issuing instructions to arrange for diverting the Nortel traffic to Huawei/NSN make MSCs/GMSCs on immediate basis, so as to make GSM network of South Zone MNP compliant at the earliest. Obviously, to cater for the diverted traffic, expansion of Huawei / NSN switches would be inevitable in many places.

Shri D.Ramesh Kumar  SDE(MSC) of Vellore MSC, thought that there would be a gross loss to BSNL in investing for the expansion and also the loss that would be incurred by closing down of 22 Nortel switches across South Zone. Moreover, it would be difficult to adhere to the DoT deadline. To tide over these, he started exploring the Nortel Switch in depth and studied various applications available in it. Without any help from any source including Nortel, he succeeded in configuring the Nortel Switch MNP compatible after a long battle. There were lot of hurdles in every step of  various call-type  processing scenerios , SMS, CDR genererations etc., which were addressed by him successfully. The entire process was explained in a high level meeting with all concerned and it was accepted and approved.

Later, in charges of Nortel Switches across South zone attended the meeting convened in Vellore. They were explained of the complete method of procedure of how to go about implementing MNP in Nortel Switches. All the participants were distributed with a hand-out about this. In the days that followed, Mr Ramesh Kumar was contacted frequently from all Nortel switches during implementation for guidance.

The end result is that all the 22 nortel switces in SZ were made MNP compatible without any expenditure or suffering any loss by the company. Our member has saved Rs. 24,57,00,000/- by way of avoiding expansions, and prevented loss of Rs. 81,72,00,000/- by way of preventing closure of Nortel switches in South Zone. Does he not deserve a big pat? He was encouraged constantly by Sri D. Sivaraj Sr GM(NW-O) CM, Coimbatore and Shri R.Elangovan DGM (MS), Vellore. BSNL is in dire need of unearthing such talents from our own BSNL-community.

SNEA(I),Nashik salutes Com.D.Ramesh Kumar on his achievement and believes that our comrades will be inspired by his valiant efforts and will work towards betterment of our beloved organization.

June 2,2011-DS Com.M.B.Sangale has wrote a letter to Sr.GMT Nashik condemning action of AGM[Admin] writing letter to DS SNEA(I) without approval of Sr.GMT Nashik attempting derogatory behavior towards our Circle leaders of SNEA(I). SNEA(I),Nashik will not tolerate outcomes of rotten brain of AGM(Admin),Nashik. <<<Letter>>>

June 2,2011-On continual pursuance and follow up by our DS Com.M.B.Sangale finally Time Bound promotion orders for E1-E2,E2-E3 & E3-E4 issued by Sr,GMT Nashik. <<<Order>>>

June 1,2011-In the Executive body meeting on 31 May 2011 DS Com.M.B.Sangale felicitated Com.S.V.Bhad on unanimous election as Circle President. AGS CHQ Com.A.R.Manani was also present in the meeting. We took this opportunity to felicitate him at Nashik. Com.M.R.Kulkarni is relieved from Nashik for TCIL project. He was congratulated for being selected for the challenging project.  Com.P.D.Rade, Com.P.B.Vispute, Com.P.M.Joshi and Com.S.A.Bhadane were felicitated for various achievements. Many issues were also discussed in the meeting-

1. Formation of separate  transmission team for rural area. DS Com.M.B.Sangale informed that committee is already constituted to examine the issue.

2. DPC Issue- AGS CHQ Com.A.R.Manani elaborated the issue of recent DPC in detail and apprised the house of latest development at CHQ level.


May 30,2011-Executive Body meeting of SNEA(I),Nashik is convened by President Com.S.A.Bhadane on 31 May 2011, 17:30 Hrs at TRC Hall, Sanchar Parisar, Canada Corner Nashik. DS Com.M.B.Sangale has requested all the office bearers to attend the meeting.

May 29,2011-Transfer & posting in the cadre of Divisional Engineers.- <Order>

May 27,2011-DS Com.M.B.Sangale participated in mega blood donation drive at Sanchar Parisar Canada Corner by voluntarily donating blood today and then after once again appealed all to participate in noble cause by donating blood.

Arpan Blood Bank, Nashik has made an appeal to Hon.Sr.GMT,Nashik Shri.M.K.Jainji for joining hands for mega blood donation drive-Lokmat Summer Challenge 2011. Accordingly Hon.GMT has made an earnest appeal to our DS Com.M.B.Sangale to request the members of our association to voluntarily participate in noble cause by donating blood on 27 May 2011 [ 10:00Hrs to 17:00Hrs] in the camp organized at Sanchar Parisar Canada Corner. In response DS Com.M.B.Sangale made a fervent appeal to SNEA(I),Nashik comrades to take leading role in this noble endeavor by voluntarily donating blood on 27 May 2011.<<Arpan Blood Bank  appeal>>><<Appeal from Sr.GMT Nashik>> 

May 27,2011-Transfer & posting of SDEs- <Order>

May 27,2011-Hon.CMD R.K.Upadhyay's letter  to all CGM's on incentivizing performers and dis-incentivizing non-performers. [ The letter is in respect of performance of Circles]   <<<<>>>>>

May 24,2011-BSNL's Development Report for April 2011.- <<<Letter>>   <<<Ann 1 to 4 >>>   <<<Ann 5 to 8 >>>

May 21,2011-CHQ News:

Sr.GM(P) issues instructions to field units stating that pending CRs in connection with the promotion from STS to JAG(adhoc) are to be sent to BSNL CO before 25.5.2011. All the Circle secretaries are requested to expedite sending of pending CRs of the officers for the year 09-10. <<<order>>>

Modification in the BB policy for the officers below the rank of JAG at their residence >>>>>>>>

2.       May 20,2011-Sad News- Elder Brother of Com.Sham Mandlik expired on 18 May 2011 after prolonged illness. 'Dashkriya Vidhi' is scheduled on 27 May 2011 , 09:30Hrs at Nashik. SNEA(I),Nashik shares the grief of Comrade Mandlik and his family. We pray almighty to offer peace to the departed soul.

May 20,2011-Meeting with Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik : Our D.S. Com.M.B.Sangale along with Circle President Com. S. V. Bhad met Hon .Sr. GMT Nashik and discussed some important issues . DGM(HR),AGM(ADMN) and SDE(Staff) were present during the discussion. - The following Points were discussed in the meeting  held on 19/05/2011.

1) Status of BTS   maintenance Team and Details of posted staff :-   D.S. conveyed our displeasure over the issue and pointed out that the Administration is not serious  in posting of staff for strengthening the BTS maintenance Team. This has hampered the BTS maintenance work. D.S. demanded for immediate action . Hon. Sr. GMT asked  DGM(HR) to issue posting orders in the cadre of  TTAs , Sr.TOA and TM. Sr. GMT also assured reliving of  JTOs under transfer.

2)Functioning of Hired Vehicles, its allotment, details of vehicles provided[ by the venders] & vehicle bills. - The issue is  very serious and same is brought to the notice of Sr. GMT on 18/05/2011. Hon. Sr. GMT has initiated the required action.

3) It was agreed to replace departmental utility vehicle of CDMA WLL section by hired vehicle [ Sumo] in the meeting held on 7 May 2010 and same was reiterated in the minutes issued on 16 Sep 2010. The agreed point is not complied even after lapse of one year.  Hon. Sr. GMT instructed AGM (ADMN) to arrange for hired vehicle suitable for WLL BTS Maintenance & RF survey [ Preferably Sumo]. 

4) Progress report of work distribution committee [constituted on 13/09/2010]- D.S. asked to wind up the committee as  nobody has bothered to arrange a meeting till date even after lapse of 1 year . Hon. Sr. GMT assured immediate action and instructed AGM (ADMN) to arrange for meeting within  a fortnight .

5)Progress report of expenditure curtailment committee [constituted on 9/12/2010] for examining the issue of  in Hired & Departmental vehicles in the SSA :- Hon. GMT asked AGM(Admin) to arrange for a meeting within  fortnight

6 )Officiating promotion case of Shri.Kashikar  Offtg . JAO :- Hon. Sr. GMT has assured to work out in time bound manner and instructed to AGM (HR/ADMN) to examine the work of committee which is constituted to conduct DPC.

7) TBP cases of Shri.P.M.Joshi SDE CTTC and Shri. Veenit Singh JTO CTTC :- AGM(HR/ADMN) informed that in case of Shri. Vinnet singh JTO  the matter has been examined and  the  reply is ready & will be conveyed to the Officer concerned shortly.

 8)Posting of Incumbent JTO at Manmad instead of Deola Sub Division:- Hon. Sr. GMT Explained the need to post him at  Manmad.

9) Transfer from Rural location to Urban location  case of   Shri.P.D.Rade DE Manmad:- Hon.GMT has assured to consider his transfer with arrangement of substitute.

10) Reliving of  Executives under transfer within SSA and out of SSA:- Hon.GMT has instructed to AGM(HR/ADMN) to make suitable arrangement among available Executives and relieve the officers under transfer immediately.

 11) Sitting arrangement for EB staff :- D.S. has given suggestion for making sitting arrangement of EB team at CTO building , GPO compound.  It is also told that there is need of some repairs. Till the repair work EB staff may sit at Sanchar Bhavan.

12) Furniture requirement for  Mobile staff working at Satpur:- D.S. has informed that there is no table ,chairs and proper arrangement for Executives working in Mobile wing at Satpur.   DE ( CMTS) uses plastic chair  without table. Demand for furniture is made six months ago to General section. There are many cases of this kind in the Division. Now this matter is left to Hon . Sr. GMT to provide minimum required things to Executives.

13) Shifting of scrapped vehicle parked at N.D.Patel Road Exchange building. :- Space is not available for  parking of staff and customer vehicles. Scrapped vehicle parked at the entrance may be shifted elsewhere immediately. Sr. GMT assured to look in to the matter.

May 18,2011-Cancellation of  inter circle transfer order - <<<<<<<>>>>>>

17 May 'The World Telecom Day'- Telecommunication - a word which defines the complete connectivity of the World. This day was first observed on 17 May 1969.World Telecommunication Day is a tribute to telecommunication system and its a day to focus on the importance of Information and Communication technologies. It all started when a person in Scotland, Alexander Graham Bell, in his attempt to make a multiple Telegraph, ended up inventing telephone, which was then called the 'Harmonic Telegraph'. March 10th 1876, witnessed the birth of telephone. Graham Bell wanted the greeting on telephone to be 'Ahoy', which later was changed by Abram Lincon as 'Hello'.

Sam Pitroda, who is an adviser to the Prime Minister on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovations has been chosen for International Telecommuinication Union (ITU) award for 2011. Pitroda, who is also chairman of National Innovation Council, has been selected for the award in recognition of his dedication to promoting ICTs as a means of providing a better life for humanity and social and economic empowerment, an official statement said on Thursday.The Award will be conferred on him on May 17, 2011, in a ceremony at the ITU headquarters in Geneva as part of the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day celebrations. Sam Pitroda is the first Indian to receive this prestigious award. He is also widely considered to have been responsible for India’s telecommunications revolution and has been a leading campaigner to help bridge the global digital divide.

Let all of us, swear on the occasion of auspicious World Telecom Day to become part of telecommunication revolution,contribute to  development of BSNL  and offer our time and devotion in the true sense to BSNL ; then only the benefits of development in telecom can be shared by common Indians.


May 11,2011-District Secretary Com.M.B.Sangale has appreciated efforts of our President Com.S.A.Bhadane and Treasurer Com.G.G.Borse in increasing SNEA(I),Nashik Membership. We salute the zeal and endeavor shown by our Prez and Treasurer. DS has further appealed all Comrades to work for 100% SNEA membership at Nashik SSA.

  • Three new members join SNEA(I),Nashik. Com.G.G.Borse Trasurer has collected membership forms from Com.N.L.Jadhav-SDE Civil, Com.P.N.Fale & Com.Smt.Kranti N.Ohol -JTOs. SNEA(I),Nashik wholeheartedly welcomes all of them to our ever-growing pariwar.

May 09,2011-REGARDING USE OF HIRED VEHICLE:-DS has appealed all the Executives' to check whether hired vehicle used by them is as per allotment; if it is not so, in case of any problem it will be the responsibility of that individual to resolve the matter. Association is not going to intervene in such cases.

May 09,2011-Hon. Murli Dhar Bhatia is new CGM-Maharashtra. - <<<<<>>>>> 

May 09,2011-Two more JTOs join SNEA(I),Nashik. Com.Sonar Komalnath and Com.Vadnere Devendra. Our President Com.S.A.Bhadane has accepted the membership forms from them. SNEA(I) Nashik welcomes them wholeheartedly.

May 07,2011-BSNLCO issued directions to CGMs not to implement JTO to SDE promotions issued on 30.03.2011 till further orders >>>>>

No JTO promoted to SDE grade under this office order dt.30.3.2011 & subsequent orders be further relieved from today onwards to join their new posting on promotion. Further instruction in this regard will be issued in due course by this office based on Court direction & decision taken

(ii) Further, all the JTOs who already stand relieved by various circles and have not reported for their assigned postings so far be asked to join back as JTOs at their previous place of  posting. ln this regard further instruction will be given in due course by this office based on Court direction & decision taken.

(iii) As regards the JTOs who have joined their promoted assignment w.e.f. .30.4.2011 i.e.from the date Hon'ble CAT Chennai decision came to notice, till date may be asked to wait Their promotion order with respect to the new posting may not ,be issued for the time being. Such cases will be decided on the basis of the directions of the Hon'ble Court in due course.

(iv) Any other issue faced by the circles in respect of the above, may be brought to the notice of this office.

Extraordinary and shrewd Executives are using the tool of request transfer brilliantly to avoid transfer on the basis of longest stay. When you are due for transfer as per longest stay list- apply for nearby SSA transfer. You can also opt for hard tenure station for the purpose and get the option cancelled once the tsunami of transfers is over or you are dropped out of intra circle or local urban to rural transfer. If you have excess money you can try political influence or legal gateways. The community of Executives in this category is increasing. It is not understood how associations promote such requests thereby torturing the affected candidates at tenure or other stations expecting transfer to home Circle/SSA/Station. You can take help of some people in administration also. There is huge potential in this field if any one proposes to start a side business

May 06,2011-Fun Continues- Status of funny figures of equal shortage as on 5 May 2011.

  5 May 2011.                      
  A Group SSAs DE SDE JTO SDE+JTO Excess/ Shortage  
1 PUNE  39 42 3 249 259 186 186 435 445 10  
2 KALYAN 19 17 -2 116 124 87 83 203 207 4  
3 NAGPUR 16 22 6 91 94 70 80 161 174 13  
4 NASHIK 18 19 1 101 102 85 65 186 167 -19 Justification of 7 JTOs became invalid in 4 days.
5 KOLHAPUR 15 17 2 90 94 72 70 162 164 2  
6 GOA 13 11 -2 78 65 59 82 137 147 10  
7 AURANGABAD 11 7 -4 65 78 53 46 118 124 6  

May 06,2011-The Executives promoted in latest DPC are requested to submit fresh joining with reference to the order issued by Sr.GMT Nashik. The JTO already officiating as SDE should submit joining from the date of issue of Corporate Office order others from the actual date of assumption of charge.

May 05,2011-Transfer orders- DEs <1> <2> <3>  Transfer order- SDEs- <order>

Cancellation of request transfer order in the cadre of SDE -  <<<<>>>

May 04,2011-DS Com.M.B.Sangale has extended thanks on collection of Rs.50,000/- till date. Remaining collection may please be collected before 10 May 2011.

Com.L.P.Joshi & Com.D.P.Yadav handed over Rs.21000/- & Rs.14000/- respectively to the Treasurer Com.G.G.Borase.

May 04,2011-Funny game of equal distribution of shortage.  

    Posted staff strength as on 1 May 2011. SDE+JTO
  A Group SSAs DE SDE JTO SDE+JTO Excess/ Shortage
1 PUNE  40 42 2 228 257 194 186 422 443 21
2 KALYAN 19 19 0 112 123 96 83 208 206 -2
3 NAGPUR 16 22 6 89 94 76 80 165 174 9
4 NASHIK 19 18 -1 99 104 92 65 191 169 -22
5 KOLHAPUR 16 17 1 87 95 79 70 166 165 -1
6 GOA 13 14 1 76 66 64 82 140 148 8
7 AURANGABAD 12 8 -4 63 78 58 46 121 124 3
    Posted staff strength as on 1 April 2011. SDE+JTO
  A Group SSAs DE SDE JTO SDE+JTO Excess/ Shortage
1 PUNE  40 43 3 228 254 194 198 422 452 30
2 KALYAN 19 19 0 112 115 96 97 208 212 4
3 NAGPUR 16 22 6 89 88 76 80 165 168 3
4 NASHIK 19 18 -1 99 95 92 74 191 169 -22
5 KOLHAPUR 16 17 1 87 90 79 74 166 164 -2
6 GOA 13 14 1 76 66 64 84 140 150 10
7 AURANGABAD 12 9 -3 63 72 58 53 121 125 4

In spite of all this Nashik SDE/JTOs are forced to work in other SSAs and cannot be relieved without being recouped from Nashik itself. It is better not to comment on posting of staff in mobile wing. Though justification is not available staff posted is more than sanctioned strength.           [ Sanctioned- 353 and posted 361.- For postings in Mobile justification is not required. ; In SSA sanctioned strength has no value. ]

May 02,2011-Hon.CGMT Maharashtra Circle Shri.Aloke Kaul appreciated our Sr.GM. Hon.M.K.Jainji during management meeting dated 26-04-2011-Letter -><<<>>>

Finance Target - 80% [ 122 Crore ]

GSM Connection-  180% [1,45,833 connections in a year]


April-30,2011- JTO to SDE promotion_order issued by GMT Nashik <<<<>>>>

April-29,2011-Our DS Com.M.B.Sangale along with Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad met Hon.Sr.GMT Shri.M.K.Jainji on 28 April 2011. DS and CP congratulated Hon.GMT on being appreciated by CGMT in management meeting on 26 April 2011 for achieving the target in Finance [ 120 Crores] 80% of the target. Hon.GMT also received appreciation for highest achievement in provision of GSM connections- 1,45,833 during the year. Hon.CGMT awarded appreciation letter to Hon.Shri.M.K.Jainji. Hon.Sr.GMT did not waste time to deliver the credit of this achievement to our Executives & attributed the achievement to team work.

During the meeting posting of JTO to SDE Promotees, cases of Com.P.M.Joshi, Com.Vineet Singh & Com.Kashikar were discussed. Posting of the SDEs of DPC will be done in accordance with the draft policy already submitted but we appealed for minimum dislocation.

# Our General Secretary Hon.G.L.Jogi appealed all SNEA(I) members to contribute toward building fund for-  REAL HOME”.  the building purchased by CHQ at New Delhi [see photo above] for SNEA India. The accommodation facility for SNEA(I) members will be available. Accordingly DS Com.M.B.Sangale has made a fervent appeal to all SNEA(I),Nashik comrades to collect Rs.1000/- before 1 May 2011.[ Rs.500/-  towards building fund and Rs.500 for conference purpose.] The contribution may be paid before 2 May 2011, division wise to-

1. Manmad- Com.P.D.Rade        2.Malegaon- Com.K.D.Wagh   3.Rural - Com.B.N.Girase           4.TAD - Com.S.G.Shinde

5.Pimpalgaon- Com.G.V.Pawar   6.Cidco- Com.A.R.Akhade     7.N.D.Patel Road- Com.D.P.Yadav 8.Satpur - Com.M.L.Kothawade

9. Canada Corner - L.P.Joshi  10. Nashikroad- Com.V.M.Chandratre  11.Panchawati- Com.S.D.Patil.

12.Mobile/WTP/WTR- Com.G.S.Shelar/Com.J.D.Charvekar

April-27,2011-Transfer and posting in the cadre of DEs <<order1>>   <<order2>>  SDEs <<order>>

Staff strength Maharashtra <<<>>>

JTO request transfers Maharashtra-<<<Order>>>

DS Com.M.B.Sangales's report for 4th Circle Conference at Nanded.  <<Report>>


April-25,2011-From SNEAMAH :-Flash News: 4th Circle Conference of SNEA(I) MH circle Concluded on  23rd April -2011 at  Nanded, For the first time in the history of SNEA(I) MH circle, due to dedicated efforts by all District Secretaries of MH specially to mention the valiant efforts from Com.M.N.Kotambe DS Kalyan, Com.V.M.Wankhede DS Pune, Com.M.B.Sanghle DS Nashik, Com G.G.Karpe DS WTR Mumbai, entire team of circle office bearers  for next term was elected unopposed, Com.S.V.Bhad was re-elected as new Circle President, Com.M.S.Adasul was re-elected as Circle Secretary and Com.P.N.Patil was re- elected as Circle Treasurer for the next term.


Name of post


Posted in






Vice President




Circle Secretary


Mumbai Circle office


Asst Circle Secretary(East)




Asst Circle Secretary(West)




Jt.Secretary (Marathwada)




Jt.Secretary (Kokan)




Jt.Secretary (Head Qrs)


Mumbai Circle office


Jt.Secretary (Kalyan)




Jt.Secretary (Pune)




Jt.Secretary (North MH)




Jt.Secretary (South MH)




Jt.Secretary(Vidharbha MH)




Jt.Secretary (NRU)


WTP Mumbai


Circle Treasurer


Mumbai Circle office


CWC Member




CWC Member




CWC Member




CWC Member




CWC Member



 April-21,2011-First time, in the history of BSNL - Punctuality monitored ,analyzed & acted upon_ CorLtr 30-03-2011, CorLtr04-04-2011_1,CorLtr 04-04-2011_2, in response to corporate office letter Circle office wrote a letter on 18-04-2011 with its copy to all SSA heads for information & necessary action and uploaded it on intranet on 20-04-2011. Circle office Letter_1804-2011. Our DS Com.M.B.Sangale had brought the fact of non punctuality to the notice of Hon.GMT Nashik few days ago. Let us hope we amend ourselves without being kicked for it.

Apri-19,2011-Departure for Circle conference by Nandigram Express. 20 April & 21 April 2011.

Team-1 to depart on 20-04-2011 at 20:00 by Nandigram Express. Team-2 to depart on 21-04-2011 at 20:00 by Nandigram Express.
Com.S.A.Bhadane- Co-ordinator- 9423177888 Com.M.L.Kothawade-  Co-Ordinator. - 9422249325
Com.C.R.Kadam Com.G.S.Shelar
Com.M.B.Sangale Com.P.M.Joshi.
Com.A.R.Akhade Com.V.D.Morkar
Com.S.A.Chavan Com.S.S.Kulkarni
Com.S.R.Kapadnis Com.R.G.Sarode

Apri-19,2011-Grant of Special C/L by Sr.GMT Nashik to the delegates for 4th Circle Conference of SNEA(I) Maharashtra.< Order> 

Apri-18,2011-Our dynamic Circle trio- Circle Prez.Com.S.V.Bhad, Circle Secretary Com.M.S.Adsul and Circle Treasurer Com.P.N.Patil were greeted with beautiful flower bouquet by our Nashik comrades Com.G.G.Borase-Treasurer SNEA(I),Nashik, Com.M.L.Kothawade and Com.D.B.Mahajan. They thanked the Circle leaders for posting of JTO to SDE promotees as it is where it is basis. They also offered best wishes from SNEA(I) Nashik for the success of our fourth Circle Conference at Nanded.

Apri-18,2011- Transfer and posting orders issued by Circle office-

Posting of JTOs to SDE under 67% quota as is where is basis.- <Order with list>

Transfer of SDEs_Request transfer after 4 years- <Order&list.>

Transfer of JTOs on request- <Order & list..>

April 18,2011-From SNEA(I) Maharashtra:-4th Circle Conference of SNEA(I) MH circle to be held on 22nd & 23rd April -2011 at   Kusum Natyagrah, VIP Road, Nanded, PIN 431602. Pre Circle conference CEC is notified to be held on 21st April 2011 at Conference hall, Telephone Bhawan, Nanded.

 Arrival & Departure Details of Delegates >>>>>>>.

All the district secretaries are requested to check the details and intimate change, if any. District Secretaries of left over districts(who had so far not send their arrival/Departure particulars) are once again appealed to send the details immediately to cooperate with the organizing committee of host branch.

Click here to view copy of Notice >>>>>>>>   Click here to view copy of circular >>>>>>

DONATION OF RS 500/-(FIVE HUNDRED) PER MEMBER TOWARDS BUILDING PLUS LEGAL EXPENDITURE AS DECIDED IN CWC BHOPAL, appeal by CS MH for collecting the same and making arrangements of paying the entire or at least 50% amount at Pre Circle conference CEC at Nanded itself  

GS Appeal on CHQ website: Our activists and base level members throughout the Country have to appreciate that huge funds are exhausted towards meeting legal expenses. Association is involved in large number of court cases to defend provisions of existing RRs to ensure smooth career growth of its members. In fact, at Chennai itself, Association is involved in a number of litigations as respondents and has engaged quality lawyers to defend the legitimate interests of its members. Besides, Association is involved in litigations in Hon Supreme Court, CAT Delhi, CAT Ernakulam, Ernakulam High Court etc. Huge and huge expenditure is being incurred on legal cases which are piling up. We have not filed any application to seek relief, we have only impleaded as respondents to defend ourselves, except in case of recruitment of MTs in CAT/ND where we challenged the eligibility restrictions imposed in terms of age and qualification for appearing in the examination for MTs.

In keeping with the decision of CWC Bhopal, Association have  purchased a three storeyed sturdy, three side open building on 24x48 ft. in posh colony of Ramesh Nagar. The new building that will be new home of our beloved Comrades is just about 50 meters from Ramesh Nagar and it takes about 25 minutes to reach Ramesh Nagar from New Delhi Railway station by metro. Our new home is full of quality wood work, tiles, stones and modern wash rooms. In the front, it has two beautiful parks. The total cost of the building is about Rs 3.0 crores and the entire payment is to be made by 15th May 2011.

April 15,2011-Transfer and Posting of officers in JAG of ITSGr-A Officers.- <<Order>>

April 15,2011-CHQ News-

  • GS again Writes to DIR(HR) on pay anomaly: a) antedating the increment of senior to that of junior b) senior drawing less pay than junior due to EPP <<letter1>>   <<letter2>>

  • Review of MNP status: CMD has reviewed the MNP situation and started seeking explanations from the 3 worst performed SSAs in each Circle: Details are available in intranet.

  • IPMS (Individual Performance Management System) score cards FOR THE YEAR 2011-12 in respect of Executives in BSNL Corporate Office circulated: BSNL decided to implement the IPMS from the top -- from the BSNLCO itself which is a good movement. Details available in the intranet.

April 14,2011-SNEA(I) Nashik pays tributes to Bharat Ratna Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimarao Ambedkar on his 120th Birth Anniversary.

April 14,2011-SNEAMH- JTO to SDE Promotion,Thanks to CHQ, Change of Circle for 3 MH JTOs: Thanks to SNEA(I) CHQ, specially GS Com.G.L.Jogi, AGS Com.A.A.Khan and Com.K. Sebastian, 3 JTOs (2 of which are female JTOs) who were posted out of MH on Promotion as SDE to hard tenure circles like Assam have been retained in MH, Order of one more JTO who was posted to J & K has been revised and now he is being posted to ITPC circle at Pune <<Order1>><<Order>>

April 13, 2011DS Com.M.B.Sangale submitted letter to Sr.GMT Nashik for grant of special casual leave to the delegates to attend 4th Circle conference of our association at Nanded from 21 April to 23 April 2011  <Letter>

April 8, 2011Review of Tenure stations in Raigad Division:  MH Circle has reviewed the 11 tenure stations of Raigad Division and excluded them from the list of tenure stations having tenure facility. This order will be effective from 01-04-2012. <order><list>

The order will be effective from 1-4-2012 - the future is reviewed in advance- promises made earlier will be fulfilled in the meantime.

April 8, 2011Meeting with Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik on 7 April 2011 :DS Com.M.B.Sangale met Hon.Sr.GMT Shri.M.K.Jainji along with our Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad and ADS Com.P.M.Joshi. During the meeting DGM[CM] Nimaje Madam, DGM Finance Shri.D.M.Kothawade and AGM Admin Shri.D.A.Joglekar were present. Following points were discussed in the meeting -

1. Time Bound Promotion Case of Com.P.M.Joshi- It is assured to examine the case at an earliest.

2.Posting of Com.Miss.Aditi Dixit- Hon.GMT assured that posting order will be issued immediately.

3.Implementation of transfer order of Com. Taral, SDE Deola- Transfer order will be implemented soon by posting of substitute by  the end of this month.

4.Transfer orders in abeyance - Orders will be implemented immediately.

5. Officiating case of Shri.Kashikar- Necessary formalities will be completed in time bound manner.

6.Status of formation of BTS maintenance team- The issue is taken up by our DS many a times.  DGM [CM] has submitted well studied proposals for works that are to be performed by the team and posting of staff in the team. It is requested to Hon.Sr.GMT to approve the same. We are told that DE/SDE is already posted, vehicle is sanctioned. TTAs & TOA will be posted soon.

7.Status of Man days tender for rural area. - Tender floated on 15.3.2011. Expected to get finalized by April end.

8.CDR Billing issues- Manmad- GMT assured to depute officer/official to work out the problem.

9.Case of Com. Shinde, SDE Dindori- Report is already submitted to circle office and necessary clarification is awaited. Com. Shinde will be allotted provisional WL number on receipt of fresh application.

10.Case of change of section for Com.S.H.Mandlik- Case will be considered in due course.

Hon.Sr.GMT was very cordial throughout the meeting and the response was very positive. Our DS has extended thanks to Hon.Sr.GMT for the concern and positive response he has given on all important issues.



April 3, 2011Our GS Hon.G.L.Jogiji paid visit to Nashik in view of proposed AIC at Nashik. He was accompanied by President SNEA(I)CHQ Com.S.L.Reddy, AGSs- Com.A.A.Khan, Com.K.Sebastian,Com. A.Chandrashekhar,Com A.R.Manani , SNEA(I) MH Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad SNEA(I) MH Circle Secretary Com.M.S.Adasul & CT Com.P.N.Patil. Hon.Sr.GMT Shri.M.K.Jainji met our GS and discussed developmental issues on 2 April 2011.

Our DS Com.M.B.Sangale and President S.A.Bhadane welcomed GS and other dignitaries and  all the leaders discussed the plan of proposed AIC at Nashik. On April 3, 2011 our Nashik comrades and Comrades from Dhule,Jalgaon,Buldhana,Circle Office and Jalna  met our CS. Our CS in his ever convincing style replied  the queries raised on various issues including request transfers and  posting of DPC candidates.

SNEA Nashik extended thanks to Hon.GS for retention of DPC promotees from Maharashtra in Maharashtra. Later the issue pertaining to CHQ were explained by Hon.GS which include financial viability, 2G spectrum issue, tenure places, pension issue etc. He also replied the queries raised by our comrades. He appealed to expose non performers and corrupt practices , let it be at any level.

April 1, 2011SNEAMAH -An open invitation to all Executives working in Civil, Electrical & Architectural wing:  Com.M.A.Wase organising secretary SNEA (I)Civil wing ,Mumbai has issued Notification for holding of Special general body meeting of Executives of Maharashtra working in Civil, Electrical & Architectural wing on Saturday the 2nd April 2011 at 10-00 Hrs at Kala Brahma Auditoriuam, Telephone Bhawan, KalaTalao, Kalyan.

CE Civil Mumbai, CE Civil Nagpur, CE Ext Project Mumbai, CE Electrical Mumbai, CE Electrical Nagpur, Chief Architect Mumbai had given their kind consent to attend and address the gathering. 

The Special General body meeting is exclusively called to discuss various burning issues of Executives working under these streams including that of implementation of Promotion policy and Transfer Policy different from Telecom/Finance  wing

This MH Circle level Special General body meeting  will be likely to be attended and addressed by many of distinguished leaders of SNEA(I) CHQ and MH Circle including:

1) President SNEA(I)CHQ Com.S.L.Reddy

2) General Secretary SNEA(I) CHQ Com.G.L.Jogi.

3) Asst General Secretary SNEA(I) CHQ Com.A.A.Khan.

4) Asst General Secretary SNEA(I) CHQ Com.K.Sebastian.

5) Asst General Secretary SNEA(I) CHQ Com. A.Chandrashekhar

6) Asst General Secretary SNEA(I) CHQ Com. A.R.Manani.

7) SNEA(I) MH Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad.

8) SNEA(I) MH Circle Secretary Com.M.S.Adasul.

 Venue : Kala Brahma Auditoriuam,Telephone Bhawan, KalaTalao,Kalyan(West)

        Date & Time :  Saturday the 2nd April 2011 at 10-00 Hrs. 

All the Executives of MH working under Civil, Electrical & Architectural wing are cordially invited to attend this historical special general body meeting organized by SNEA(I) MH circle civil branch and make it a grand success, all stay arrangements for outstation members coming from far off divisions has been made by organizing committee, the contact numbers and detailed agenda to be discussed has been issued and attached herewith. Click here to view copy of Notice/AGENDA  >>>>>

  • IDA increased by 4.2% w.e.f.1.4.2011: IDA for PSU employees increased by 4.2%[43% to 47.2%] w.e.f. 1.4.2011. Orders expected soon.

April 1, 2011-CHQ News-

  • CMD/BSNL and DIR(HR)/BSNL had a meeting with Convenor/JAC and GSs of SNEA(I), BSNLEU and AIBSNLEA and discussed various initiatives taken by the Management during the last one month for improving the performance of BSNL. We appreciated the initiative of new CMD and DIR(HR) and shared our views.

  • The committee appointed by JAC, consisting of Convenor/JAC, GS/SNEA(I), GS/BSNLEU and  GS/AIBSNLEA  met today. The committee held serious discussions on how to involve the employees in improving the quality of services, redressal of customers’ grievances etc. The final suggestions of the committee will be submitted for the consideration of the JAC which will be held on 5th April, 2011.

  • Tenure transfer orders issued in the cadre of SDEs -- all the cases upto May, 2011 cleared.<<order>> Other request transfers are under consideration

  • CONGRATULATIONS TO ONE AND ALL: JTO to SDE Promotion order issued for 1861 JTOs.

    Another landmark achievement for the JTO cadre -- For the last seven to eight months, we are struggling to get this promotion order. BSNL prepared the SC/ST roster which took much more time than we expected and made the promotions based on the roster. There was some delay due to court cases also. Comrades,  Assn didn't update anything on our website regarding the progress of this DPC for the last few months as some court cases are going on at different CATs and there was a strong move to stop the promotions by some misguided people. Finally we could get the much delayed promotion orders for the vacancies upto the year 2008-09. The stay at Hon Chennai CAT in the case filed on behalf of AIGETOA was only for the vacancy year 2009-10 and on the second eligibility list (as their prayer was only for that).

    Our sincere gratitude to the CMD, former DIR(HR) Shri Gopal Das, DIR(HR), GM(Pers), Addl GM(Pers, AGM(Pers II) and the entire dedicated staff of Pers II section of BSNLCO.

    Assn tried to retain maximum promoted Executives in the same Circle itself. However, 127 JTOs in the list are posted to tenure Circles. Karnataka and HP Circle has excess candidates.

    CHQ express its gratitude to all the CSs, SSA/Branch Secs and other office bearers at all the levels for their tremendous support. Congratulations to all the JTOs who got promotion.

    <<covering letter>>  <<page 1-5 >>  <<page 6-10 >>   <<page 11-15 >>   <<page 16-20 >>   <<page 21- 25 >>  <<page 26-30 >>   <<page 31-35 >>   <<page 36-40 >>    <<page 41-44 >>    <<List in excel format>>

    List of Missing cases --- urgent action by all Circles >>>>>>

  • Demonstration throughout the Country on 05.04.2011. JAC decided to hold protest demonstration on 05.04.2011 against a) proposal of retrenchment through VRS, b) reduction of retirement age from 60 to 58 and c) proposal to merge ITI with BSNL.

30-03-2011:-SNEAMAH-Congratulations, with the consistent valiant efforts by SNEA(I) CHQ JTO to SDE Promotion orders issued for 1861 JTOs.

 Click here to view covering letter>>>>> Click here to view the entire list>>>>>>

26-03-2011:- Pay scales of JTOs, SDEs and equivalent cadres: The Committee constituted to resolve the pay anomaly of JTOs of 2007 & 2008 batch as per the demand taken up by this Assn, called us for a meeting on 25.03.2011 at 10:30 Hrs. GS along with both AGSs held discussions with the committee. Chairman and other members Sr GM(Estt), Sr GM(SR), Sr GM(Pers), Sr GM(EF) were present. DGM(Estt), DGM(EF), AGM(SR) and AGM(P-IV) were also present.

 Committee suggested E1 + 5 increments for JTO cadre and E2 scale for SDE cadre. Committee also suggested that the demand for “First Time Bound Promotion after 4 years” also will be met by this proposal. It is also learned that some are agreeable for this proposal. The proposal of E1+5 increment and E2 scale was totally rejected by the Assn on 03.03.2011 itself and decided to continue with the agitation programme. Later based on the assurance of the Chairman and Sr GM(SR) to reconsider their proposal, Assn deferred the Dharna on 04.03.2011.

 Assn pointed out that lowering the pay scale of SDE to E2 and giving TBP after 4 years was not our demand.

 By this even after getting TBP in 4 years, a JTO will not reach the minimum of E2A scale (Rs. 22500). Similarly a JTO will not reach the minimum of proposed E3 scale (Rs 24900) even after 8 years. (How this proposal will be acceptable)

 Chairman asked our proposal to solve the issue. GS explained how JTO cadre has been recognised by premier agencies like IIM/Banglore, National Productivity Council during IVth and Vth CPC period etc. The JTO cadre has been continuously uplifted in 1987, 1996 and in 2003. It is unfortunate that BSNL is not recognising this cadre and demoralising it by lowering the pay scales. These young JTO/JAOs, SDEs/AOs has to be motivated and that is the need of the hour. Demoralising them by demotion at the entry level itself will be disastrous for the company.

 Assn proposed standard pay scales of E2, E3, E4, E5, E6 and E7 for JTO, SDE, Sr SDE, DE, DGM, SGJAG and equivalent cadres.

Committee opined that this will have huge financial implications especially in terms of pension contribution to DOT. The change of scales above E3 may not give any benefit to the employees also.  

Assn made a compromise for the upliftment of the cadre and suggested that the change of scales from E3 to E4 onwards can be considered after the pension contribution issue is resolved and now the proposal of giving E2 and E3 pay scales for JTOs, SDEs and equivalent cadres may be considered.  

Comrades, we had shown the same spirit in 1987 when pay scales revised to 1640-60-2900. Thousands of our senior comrades faced pay loss and recovery when their pay reduced from Rs 1720/ to Rs 1700/ on revision of pay scales. But all of them unitedly fought for the cadre. We should also unitedly fight with the same spirit again for the upliftment of the JTO cadre.

 Finally, Committee agreed to work out the financial implications on giving E2, E3 pay scales for JTOs, SDEs etc.

 For the first time, BSNL Management/Committee agreed to consider the proposal of E2, E3 scales for JTOs and SDEs etc.

 For achieving this goal, Assn requires wholehearted support from all the Executives --- seniors as well as juniors.

 We should not allow the demotion of the cadres at any cost.   GS letter to the Chairman of the Committee <<proposal>>

26-03-2011:-Special C/L for SNEA office bearers & delegates for attending 4th Circle conference at Nanded :  MH Circle issued necessary instructions to all field units for granting special C/L to all circle office bearers and eligible delegates from 21st April 2011 to 23rd April 2011 along with actual journey period to enable them to attend the 4th Circle Conference of SNEA(I) scheduled to be held at Nanded on 22nd April and 23rd April 2011 with pre circle conference CEC scheduled to be held on 21st April 2011. <Letter>

26-03-2011:-From SNEAPUNE-UNTIMELY CLOSURE OF MAHA KRISHI PLAN, SNEA REGISTERS PROTEST: CS SNEA(I) MH Circle after making deep study and complying all reports/facts and figures circulated by MH Circle management and concerned officers involved in launching/marketing the most popular postpaid CUG plan ever introduced by any of the circle appealed CGMT MH Circle Hon’ble Shri Aloke Kaul to withheld the orders for closure of Maha krishi plan because of which lot of complications has been created in the field and suggested some modifications in the original postpaid plan, Association also pointed finger towards suspected involvement of private operators who want to create adverse publicity for BSNL to further their commercial interests. Click here to view copy of CS letter to CGMT MH Circle>>>>>> Corruptions in the mobile wing, among the senior officers had reached to its peak, as the mobile wing had stopped cooperating the other units. Whereas, EB, Pune took untiring efforts to get this plan sanctioned, approved and popularize, whereas the mobile wing, in minutes withdraw the plan from the portal, keeping all the nodal officers and 25000 customers helpless. All those customers who applied for the post paid connections before the issue of the closing orders is still not created by mobile wing at the backend. Just to promote their hidden agenda of supporting the private operators, the mess has been silently created to destroy the image of BSNL with the Dept of Agriculture and the customers, a complete non- cooperation is seen from the mobile wing. SNEA (I) will not tolerate such approach and vows to expose all such corrupt nexus.

23-03-2011:-DS Com.M.B.Sangale had a meeting with Hon.Sr.GMT Nashik Shri.M.K.Jainji - Our DS had work related to CMTS ; Hon.GMT took this opportunity and discussed the issue of team formation for GSM BTS maintenance. DGM[CM] Hon.Nimje madam, AGM[NWP] Shri.A.S.Kulkarni and DE CMTS Shri.P.B.Vispute were present for the meeting. The issue was thoroughly discussed and it is decided to post justified staff in the team to streamline the work. Necessary charge taking and making over will take place. DE concerned will coordinate with the team. DGM[CM] is soon going to call a meeting to work out the plan.

22-03-2011:-DS Com.M.B.Sangale has strongly condemned Nashik administration  for issue of hard letters on the issue of GSM BTS maintenance instead of forming BTS maintenance team with justified staff. DS has asked administration to refrain from harassing field executives'& conveyed our protest against such unethical actions of targeting our executives'.

22-03-2011:-From SNEAMH- 4th Circle Conference of SNEA(I) MH circle to be held on 22nd & 23rd April -2011 at NANDED, Notice issued: 4th Circle Conference of SNEA(I)MH Circle is Notified and to be held on 22nd & 23rd April-2011 at  Kusum Natyagrah, VIP Road, Nanded, PIN 431602. Pre Circle conference CEC is notified to be held on 21st April 2011 at Conference hall, Telephone Bhawan, Nanded. Notice for which has been issued by CS SNEA(I)MH Circle. Click here to view copy of Notice >>>>>>>>   Click here to view copy of circular >>>>>><

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